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Realm of the Ancients is the 42nd campaign chapter available on The World Map, hosting 60 individual stages. It is available upon completion of The Nether Steps.


"The stairway to the Other Realm collapsed, “reality” as it was known fell deep into oblivion. The ancient gods rested in the murky depths of the sunless sea, long-forgotten, far out of the minds of mortal men... that was... until now. The deepest darkest secrets of the world have finally been revealed for all to witness.

Sprawling out of the ocean, a crazed madness awakens, its long slumber ended. Fervent, twisted minions pour forth. Gnawing claws and gnashing teeth threaten to latch onto anything they can grab. What was once only thought of as a nightmare has transcended the intangible realm of the Other Realm and threatens the existence of the whole world.

The lives of countless mortal denizens is now at stake. Who will come to save them?"




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