The Ranhorn is one of the main places to go to in the interface of AFK Arena. It will be available at the end of the tutorial.



The guild has a building of a castle that can be unlocked after completing 2-20. Players can be in a guild and can take part in Team Hunting where you obtain Guild Coins in the Guild Store. Players can also participate in The Twisted Realm after completing 12-40.


The library has a building that represents a typical school library that can be unlocked after completing 2-16. Players can form unions of acquired heroes from themselves, their friends, or their guild mates. Players can also use The Elder Tree when completing 8-40 to increase attributes of heroes and can level up branches using Twisted Essence after completing Chapter 12 and reaching Level 15 of the Elder Tree.

The Oak Inn old name "The Whale Inn"

the Feature got added with Update 1.42

  • After completing Chapter 4, players will be able to visit and collect gifts from friends that are already occupying their own Oak Inn.
  • Players that possess Ascended tier heroes and have completed Chapter 17 of the campaign are able unlock their own Oak Inn.
    • Once unlocked, players can move their Ascended heroes into the Oak Inn. Heroes residing within the Oak Inn can accumulate Furniture, which will give their heroes new abilities and increased stats.

Temple of Ascension

The Temple of Ascension has a building of a church that can be unlocked after completing the tutorial. Players can ascend heroes with the same copies in order to increase the rarity and its health and strength.

Resonating Crystal

The Resonating Crystal resembles a Dura crystal statue. Players will have the top five heroes on the Pentagram in which the following heroes are leveled up by being put in the slot while the fifth hero is being leveled at the same time.

The Noble Tavern

The Noble Tavern has a building of a typical cafe that can be unlocked after completing the tutorial. Players mainly summon heroes using normal scrolls, faction scrolls, companion points, and diamonds (if necessary).

Wall of Legends

The Wall of Legends resembles two tall pillar walls decorated similarly to a castle. Although there isn't anything to do in this, players can collect diamonds after the first person has reached a milestone in either completing a chapter in the Campaign, a certain floor in King's Tower, or a certain number in the four main factions (not including additional ones).


The Store has a building that looks similar to a village house. Players can buy certain items using gold, diamonds, barrack coins, guild coins, labyrinth coins, and challenger coins.

Rickety Cart

The Rickety Cart resembles an old brown wagon. Players can either retire common heroes, revert heroes, or reset heroes to level 1.


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