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Pursuit of Fire is a Limited Event available after completing campaign stage 3-40.

The players should interact with the story in the Esperian Constellations to receive some prizes.


(Page Layout)

Pursuit Of Fire ~Esperian Constellations~ (Page Layout)

Page 1: Talene, the last surviving bloodline of the Obsidian Finch species. Her flame flickers and wavers deep within the dark deepths of the forest, meanwhile a thick, icy haze slowly devours what little light remains in the forest, threatening to completely snuff it out.
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Page 2: A ferocious purpish-red flame rages widly, as if wanting to devour all in its path. The manifestation of a nefarious, grinning demon has appeared within the frame. It was this very kind of flame that had previously made Talene lose all hope as a youngling. Despair once again looms closer.
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Page 3: While in a trance, Talene could seemingly hear her mother's distant call. In the deepest reaches of her memory, it was there she found her. A manifestation of her mother appeared before Talene's own eyes, enveloped by blazing, demonic flames. Talene reaches out to grasp her mother, but after a few short seconds she would watch her fade into the ether.
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Page 4: With a furrowedbrow and trembling arms, Talene struggles with her inner turmoil, struggling in vain to wake herself from the deep memories that entrance her. That ominous flame draws closer...
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Page 5: Dazed, Talene sees yet anotherscene unfurl before her. The Wilder folkwatch on with worried expressions painted on their faces. Talene steeled her resolve, and with a look of determination dove into the sea of fire.
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Page 6: Talene opened her eyes to witness the pure flame burst forth from the trees. Pure Solaris Embers were set ablaze, purging the demonic darkness that surrounded her.
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Page 7: The Solaris Flare can never be extinguished and shall forever continue to burn. Its pure fire can be rekindled from its fallen embers. The Obsidian Finch soars toward Esperia in a new form, a new legend is about to be written.


In this event you just need read the story and click in the banner below
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Esperian Constellations

Page Description
Page 1: Danger draws closer to the last surviving Obsidian Finch, a Celestial named Talene. Peraps we can find some clues from her story. Click on the flames on Talene's Story
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds x1000
Page 2: Danger draws closer to the last surviving Obsidian Finch, a Celestial named Talene. Peraps we can find some clues from her story. Click on the Demonic flames on World Map above Yggdrasil
Common scrol x5
Page 3: An ominous flame that originated from that blazing demon. Maybe some clues can be found in his story. Click on the demonic flames on Framton's Story
Item 65.jpg
Large Crate of Hero EXP x3
Page 4: Deep within the Dark Forest, strangled by the darkness, a warm ember beginsto fade... Click on the flames on World Map above Yggdrasil
Item 64.jpg
Large Crate of Gold x12
Page 5: Great demonic frames surge through the forest, turning it a shade of purplish red... Click on the demonic flames on World Map below Yggdrasil
Item 85.jpg
Large Crate of Hero's Essence x3
Page 6: The brilliant and pure flame cut through the dark gloom surrounding the Yggdrasil. Click on the flames on World Map above Yggdrasil
Twisted Essence.jpg
Twisted Essence x100
Page 7: Claim the Chest by watching all of the video during the event. Watching all of the video
Item 87.jpg
Astar x1 or Stargazer Scroll x10