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Poe Coins are the main form of currency used in The Oak Inn. Players can buy furniture from Ulric in the inn's workshop.

Item Details

The main form of currency used at the Oak Inn.

How to Obtain

AFK Rewards

The easiest way to attain Poe coins is to collect AFK-Timer rewards by clicking the chest in the Campaign screen. While the method is simple and solid the Poe Coins amount is far from high numbers. The amount of Poe Coins per minute is determined by the players progress.


Poe Coins can also be obtained by completing Weekly quests and is affected by Field of Stars for extra resource gain.

Voyage of Wonders and Peaks of Time

Another way to earn Poe coins in AFK Arena are missions you will get in Voyage of Wonders and Peaks of Time. While the missions will be demanding and will need some planning and improving your heroes, rewards will be really high and you will be able to get massive amounts of gold from them.

The only downside of them is the fact that you can get rewards from each Peaks of Time mission once but the Voyage mission will be changed every two weeks.


Poe Coins can be purchased in the Store with both Gold and Diamonds.

The Twisted Realm

You can receive Poe coins based on your leaderboard ranking in The Twisted Realm or through Twisted Bounties.