By clicking on a players avatar in the chat , in the guild or in your friends list you get to the player info. 

Player Info.jpeg

In the Player Info you get various information about the player and buttons to interact with this player

(in your own Player Info aren't buttons for interaction).


On the top is the overall strength of the 5 most powerfull heroes owned by the player.


Under the overall streght, on the left side is the avater of the player (which can be changed by every player in Player Details).

In the right corner of the the avater, you see the player level.

Right from the avater you see the gender (blue for male and pink for female), the name and a text box.

In your Player Details you can write whatever you want in this text box.

In the next section you see the ID, every player have a unique ID, it consists of 7 or 8 numbers.

Under this you see the guild name and the role in the guild. Possible roles are Guild Member, Guild Deputy and Guild Master.

In the middle you find Region which can be changed in your Player Details by clicking on Others.

Server and Stage Progression is also shown.

Prime Heroes

Prime Heroes are the 5 heroes which are mostly used by a player,

but in your Player Details you can deciced by your own which heroes are shown.

Prime Heroes.jpeg

Buttons for interaction

There are 3 buttons for interaction.

On the left side "Block", this button prevent writings from this player.

"Add Friend" allows you to send a friend request to this player, if this player already is on your friends instead of this "Delete Friend" is shown.

On the right side "Send message", this button allows you to send a privat message to this player.


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