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Phantom of Horror's Eve is a seasonal Halloween event. Players are able to participate in this event for up to 21 days, with 22 days to exchange creepy candies for prizes.

The event centers around fighting a demonic version of Nemora and killing as many of her Dreaf minions as possible in order to earn the creepy candy currency. Players may also purchase creepy candies from the deals page while the event is running. Demonic Nemora can be challenged twice a day, with the unique feature of being able to redo each attempt until the player is satisfied with the candy amount.


The scourge of the invader has withered great swathes of the forest. In glades and groves, the rot spreads, bringing death with it. The woodland’s defenders are not immune to this corruption, and Nemora discovered this the hard way. Her motivations for protecting her home were originally as pure and noble as any other Wilder’s, but one encounter after another with the enemy gradually twisted her heart. She had seen so much blight, so much death, that her desire to protect the lives of the things around her turned into a fuming hatred of those responsible for cutting so much of it short. She began fighting to destroy rather than to preserve. She lost sight of her purpose, and the corruption took hold. With each passing day she grew more maniacal, turning the evil of the invaders around on them. She became an insatiable huntress, stalking her Hypogean prey through the dark woods, spear slick with gore. As she butchered her hapless quarry, an ever smaller light dwindled in her. She had become something else, and if she didn’t retake control, she would be lost forever. The rot threatened her very being. Sensing that her very essence stood on the edge of a great abyss, she began to muster her resolve.

Demonic Nemora

She dug deep into the memories of the land and life. There appeared a vision of a hulking Treant, similarly afflicted. His form was twisted with pain and rot, but a great strength still kindled within him. She recognized him as Ulmus and sought the wisdom he and Arden had imparted on her. The vision shifted. She saw Ulmus struggle with the corruption and finally expel it. She saw the new buds and leaves sprout from his now healthy limbs. This gave her the inspiration she needed.

“I am the healer. I am the conduit of life. I am she who unbreaks the broken. The vitality of the forest is mine to direct. I cannot wither. I cannot be consumed.”

Her consciousness kicked and tumbled its way back in control. The evil in her began to slough away like a mouldering cloak. As it lost ground, she felt a new energy rising. She could feel every pulse. The blood in her veins sang with strength and triumph. Wisps of darkness, darker than the night, coalesced into a shadow which sprang away from the healer and disappeared through the trees. She breathed a sigh of relief. She was back.

The shadow rested, hiding in the dark places during the day and gaining shape during the night. It had been powerful enough that it would not disperse, nor would it be satisfied with a lesser host than the one it had previously inhabited. It began to more and more closely resemble the healer who had ousted it. A macabre mockery of one so pure. Upon fully regaining its form, its eyes flashed red. It looked into the benighted wood and smiled. The hunt was back on.

“This time, no one escapes.”

Event Rules

The event rewards.

  • Players are able to do battle with Evil Nemora twice per day while the event is running.
  • You can acquire "Creepy Candy" by defeating Demonic Dreafs, which are summoned by Evil Nemora.
    • Creepy Candies can be exchanged for a variety of rewards
  • Evil Nemora is impervious to attacks and cannot be controlled or killed during battle.
  • The strength of Evil Nemora and her minions is determined according to the player's own combat rating.
  • Player's can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.
  • Players must possess at least one Mythic hero in order to be able to exchange candy for Mythic gear enhancement resources.
  • Candy can be exchanged for legendary choice chests after campaign stage 20-1.

Creepy Candy

The Creepy Candy currency.

A candy with a demonic twist, this item can be acquired by defeating Demonic Nemora's minions in combat. Candies may be exchanged for a variety of exciting rewards (Note: This item will be removed when the event is over).


There are many different rewards players may obtain in exchange for creepy candy.

Available Rewards
Reward Image Candy Required Exchange Limit
Lucius OK.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Rosaline Rosaline.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Warek Bear.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Satrana Satrana Icon.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Ulmus TD.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Lorsan BunnyMaster.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Shemira NDP.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Baden GhostSaber.jpg 720 candies 4 times
Elijah & Lailah TwinsB.jpg 1080 candies 4 times
Mehira Mehira.jpg 1080 candies 4 times
20 Primordial Emblems PrimEmb.jpg 30 candies 30 times
20 Amplifying Emblems ApmEmblem.jpg 50 candies 30 times
20 Emblem Choice Chests EmblemChoiceChest.jpg 150 candies 70 times
5 Stargazing Cards ScamGazerIcon.jpg 90 candies 30 times
10 Faction Scrolls Draw ticket special.jpg 150 candies 12 times
Limited Edition Horror's Eve 2019 Frame Halloween Frame.PNG 600 candies 1 time
40k Gold Icon bag gold.jpg 1 candy 999 times