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The Peaks of Time are adventure puzzles in AFK Arena. The main purpose is to find all of the treasure chests on the map. Each stage offers one-time-only rewards, so they need to be 100% completed at least once. This feature can be unlocked upon completing Stage 6-4 in the main campaign.

Peaks of Time stages are split into two categories: Historic Ventures and Wandering Balloon. Historic ventures stages remain at the same difficulty and are not affected by the strength of the player, while wandering balloon stages have a difficulty corresponding the the combat rating of the player.


According to Legend, the Peaks of Time were created by Honas, God of Creation, in order to allow him watch over all of his creations in the past, present and future. It was said that when Dura fell to the earth, the last remnants of her being fell onto the high peaks of the mountain and were scattered, breaking up into seven divine artifacts that lay hidden somewhere within its interior. Only when all seven of the artifacts are brought together, will the world have a chance to return to a state of peace.


  • Players can acquire many treasures while exploring the Peaks of Time.
  • The Peaks of Time adventures are divided into two modes of play: The Wandering Balloon mode and Historic Ventures Mode.
  • Players can start and finish adventures as they please. Finishing and restarting an adventure will reset it.
  • Enemies within the Historic Ventures mode do not grow stronger and are unaffected by the player's own strength.
  • Each time a player opens or restarts an adventure within the Wandering Balloon mode of play, the difficulty of the enemies within is reevaluated and adjusted according to the player's own combat rating.
  • Once opened, the Wandering Balloon mode remains open for up to 14 days, after which it automatically closes. The difficulty of enemies is readjusted in accordance with the player's Combat Rating each time a player opens the Wandering Balloon mode.
  • Rewards can only be claimed one time per adventure.
  • Only one mercenary may be used per formation within the Peaks of Time, however, the number of times that a mercenary can be used is unlimited.
  • There are some powerful artifacts that can be found in some of the chests. These artifacts can be equipped on your hero to power them up and provide them with unique bonuses.
  • You can start and finish any level as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you fail it.
  • There are two types of chests: Crystal & Gold
    • Crystal Treasure Chests can contain artifacts, and finding a certain amount of them on the map is required to progress onto the next adventure.
  • Unlocking each individual peak requires 60% completion of the previous stage, and completion of a specific stage in the main campaign.

Historic Ventures

Number Name Image Unlock Stage Crystal Chests Rewards Gold Chests Rewards
#1 Ranhorn's Strife Ranhorn's Strife.jpg 6 - 4 Dura's Grace
3 Rare Enhancement Token
Zealot's Axe
Graveborns Firmament Wand
Nightskin Rigout
Dusk Plate
600k Gold
100 Diamond
Common Hero Scroll
400 Hero's Essence
3 Rare Enhancement Token
600k Gold
#2 The Unrelenting Blaze The Unrelenting Blaze.jpg 7 - 4 Hypogeans Sword of Shadow
Shadowskin Boots
5 Faction Scrolls
2100k Gold
Dusk Plate
600 Hero's Essence
9 Rare Enhancement Token
#3 Secrets of the Forest Secrets of the Forest.jpg 8 - 4 Dura's Eye
Hypogeans Temple Plate
200 Diamond
Firmament Wand
5 Faction Scrolls
WildersTemple Plate
18 Rare Enhancement Token
1100 Hero's Essence
3000k Gold
Celestials Hat of Dawn
Boots of Dawn
Robes of Dawn
100 Diamond
#4 Rest in Peace Rest in Peace.jpg 9 - 4 Dura's Call
Slayer's Breath
CelestialsWisdom's Nest
4800k Gold
30 Rare Enhancement Token
1200 Hero's Essence
5 Common Hero Scroll
600 Diamond
WildersHigh Caster Boots
GravebornsSpear of Moonlight
#5 The Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins.jpg 10 - 4 HypogeansVow of Fortitude
WildersVow of Force
5 Common Hero Scroll
800 Hero's Essence
6000k Gold
GravebornsHigh Caster Boots
40 Rare Enhancement Token
800 Hero's Essence
Common Hero Scroll
GravebornsHigh Caster's Hat
GravebornsHigh Caster Wand
400 Diamond
#6 The Far Frontier The Far Frontier.jpg 11 - 4 Dura's Drape
2500k Gold
15 Rare Enhancement Token
800 Hero's Essence
400 Diamond
1200 Hero's Essence
3700k Gold
Rayne's Might
30 Rare Enhancement Token
Slayer's Breath
Slayer's Image
#7 The Divine Realm The Divine Realm.jpg 12 - 4 20 Dura's Grace Fragment
#8 Rancid Forest Rancid Forest.jpg 13 - 4 20 Dura's Eye Fragment
6Faction Scrolls
#9 Viper's Marsh Viper's Marsh.jpg 14 - 4 Dura's Blade
#10 The Dismal Descent The Dismal Descent.jpg 15 - 4 400 Diamond
20 Dura's Call Fragment
20 Dura's Drape Fragment
20 Dura's Blade Fragment
600 Hero's Essence
12,000K Gold
#11 The Savage Wastes The Savage Wastes.jpg 16 - 4 Dura's Chalice of Vitality
400 Diamond
#12 The Solar Plane The Solar Plane.jpg 17 - 4 Dura's Conviction
Wilders Mystic's Coat of Magic
400 Diamond
45 Rare Enhancement Token
2500 Hero's Essence
10,000K Gold
#13 The Burning Woods The Burning Woods.jpg 18 - 4 10 Common Hero Scroll
Graveborns Mystic's Staff of Magic
18000K Gold
75 Rare Enhancement Token
4500 Hero's Essence
#14 The Abysmal Delves The Abysmal Delves.jpg 19 - 4 30 Dura's Chalice of Vitality Fragment
Graveborns Mystic's Boots of Magic
18000K Gold
75 Rare Enhancement Token
4500 Hero's Essence
30 Dura's Conviction Fragment
#15 The Contorted Realm The Contorted Realm.jpg 20 - 4 20 Dura's Call Fragment
20 Dura's Drape Fragment
20 Dura's Blade Fragment

20 Dura's Eye Fragment

Graveborns Mythic Plate Chest

T1 Mythic Strength stone

18000K Gold
75 Rare Enhancement Token
4500 Hero's Essence
#16 The Forgotten Mine The Forgotten Mine.jpg 20 - 44

Wandering Balloon

Number Name Image Unlock Stage Crystal Chests Rewards Gold Chests Rewards
1 The Depths of Time
The Depths of Time.png
2 Fields of Stone
Fields of Stone.png
3 Highburn Stronghold
Highburn Stronghold.png
4 The Howling Wastes
The Howling Wastes.png
5 Fallen Souls
Fallen Souls.png
6 The Frosted Expanse
The Frosted Expanse.png
7 The Forest's Edge 23-20
8 Frozen Ground 23-50
9 The Frozen Hinterland
10 The Hazy Timberland
11 The Depths of Time II

Video Guides

Note: Video Guides (excluding Ranhorn's Strife) made by Discord Contributor Elerion. Kindly thank him when you drop by discord.

Historic Ventures

Wandering Balloon



Dark Forest

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