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The Peaks of Time are fun little adventure puzzles where the goal is to find all of the treasure chests on the map. Each stage offers one-time-only rewards, so they need to be 100% completed at least once. This feature of the game becomes unlockable upon completion of stage 6-4 in the main campaign.


According to Legend, the Peaks of Time were created by Honas, God of Creation, in order to allow him watch over all of his creations in the past, present and future. It was said that when Dura fell to the earth, the last remnants of her being fell onto the high peaks of the mountain and were scattered, breaking up into seven divine artifacts that lay hidden somewhere within its interior. Only when all seven of the artifacts are brought together, will the world have a chance to return to a state of peace.


  • There are some powerful artifacts that can be found in some of the chests. These artifacts can be equipped on your hero to power them up and provide them with unique bonuses.
  • You can start and finish any level as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you fail it.
  • The difficulty of each adventure does not scale with your player level, so you can eventually out-level them for an easier time.
  • There are two types of chests: Crystal & Gold.
    • Crystal Treasure Chests can contain artifacts, and finding a certain amount of them on the map is required to progress onto the next adventure.
  • Unlocking each individual peak requires 60% completion of the previous stage, and completion of a specific stage in the main campaign.


Number Name Image Unlock Stage Crystal Chests Rewards Gold Chests Rewards
#1 Ranhorn's Strife Ranhorn's Strife 6 - 4 Artifact 1 1
3 Icon bag black iron 2
Tank weapon 5
Graveborn emblem Magician weapon 5
Archer body 4
Tank body 4
600k Icon bag gold
100 Icon bag diamond
Draw ticket normal
400 Icon bag dust
3 Icon bag black iron 2
600k Icon bag gold
#2 The Unrelenting Blaze The Unrelenting Blaze 7 - 4 Hypogean emblem Archer weapon 5
Archer boots 5
5 Scroll Faction
2100k Icon bag gold
Tank body 4
600 Icon bag dust
300Icon bag diamond
9 Icon bag black iron 2
#3 Secrets of the Forest 8 - 4 Artifact 1 2
#4 Rest In Peace 9 - 4
#5 The Ancient Ruins 10 - 4
#6 The Far Frontier 11 - 4
#7 The Divine Realm 12 - 4 20 Artifact icon 1
#8 Rancid Forest 13 - 4
#9 Viper's Marsh 14 - 4 Artifact 1 5
#10 The Dismal Descent 15 - 4 400 Icon bag diamond
20 Artifact icon 3
20 Artifact icon 4
20 Artifact icon 5
600 Icon bag dust
12,000K Icon bag gold
#11 The Savage Wastes Thesavagewastes 16 - 4 Artifact 1 6
400 Icon bag diamond
#12 The Solar Plane 17 - 4 Artifact 1 7
Wilder emblem Magician body 9
400 Icon bag diamond
45 Icon bag black iron 2
2500 Icon bag dust
10,000K Icon bag gold
#13 The Burning Woods 18 - 4 10 Draw ticket normal
Graveborn emblem Magician weapon 9
18000K Icon bag gold
75 Icon bag black iron 2
4500 Icon bag dust
#14 The Abysmal Delves 19 - 4 30 Artifact icon 6
Graveborn emblem Magician boots 9
18000K Icon bag gold
75 Icon bag black iron 2
4500 Icon bag dust
30 Artifact icon 7
#15 The Contorted Realm 20 - 4

Video Guides

Note: Video Guides (excluding Ranhorn's Strife) made by Discord Contributor Elerion. Kindly thank him when you drop by discord

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