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This Oden usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.69.

Hero Usage Guide

Recommended Teams

Oden's fantastic control abilities to be able to teleport enemies on top of each other, stun them, and reduce energy makes him a really strong asset in the early game for just about any team.

For example, he can be placed behind the team's carrier unit where he can continuously group up enemies, stun them, and maintain control over them to help propel his team towards victory.

In later game, Oden has more specific teams built around him. The following team is one example.

Portal Team

This team primarily makes use of Oden and Pippa and their teleportation to control the enemies' positioning while also stunning them.

There are many approaches in deciding who the other heroes on the team can be, such as taking a tank approach, a support approach, or a damage dealing approach. This ultimately depends on the composition of the enemy team.

The following is one example of a portal team:

Hero Position Team Synergy

Upper Backline Tasi can temporarily banish enemies from the battlefield. Her ultimate skill also puts the enemy to sleep, so she can overall assist in the crowd control efforts. Pippa also synergizes with Tasi well due to her taking on the same effects as Tasi's ultimate.
Pippa portrait.jpg

Center Backline Working in tandem with Oden to group enemies up, Pippa's "Astral Shift" skill teleports enemies around the battlefield for them to be stunned by Gorvo. Pippa also synergizes with Tasi well due to her taking on the same effects as Tasi's ultimate.

Lower Backline
Rowan Icon.png

Upper Frontline Rowan's ultimate increases the team's energy and attack, allowing the control effects to stack up faster as well as stunning the enemy team to buy more time.

Lower Frontline Gorvo dons a supportive tanking role, stunning the enemies with his "Shell Shock" skill.

Recommended Artifacts

Warden of the Arcane and Windbinder are both great options for Oden.

Warden of the Arcane.jpg

Warden of the Arcane provides haste for Oden.


Windbinder provides extra energy for Oden at the start of the battle, allowing him to open his first eye faster. If the player hasn't unlocked this artifact yet, Dura's Eye or Dura's Call are sufficient substitutes.

Investment Worth

Oden is overall worth investing in if the player is building teams around him. Full investment is not required to get good use out of Oden, he can sit comfortable at 20 unlocks for his Signature Item and a Furniture investment of 3/9.

Going beyond this certainly won't hurt, but it is not vital and forgoing this route can instead free up resources to invest in some other heroes as well.