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Mire Town is a desolate village South of Bantus and West of The Barred Gate. It can be considered an informal Hypogean settlement as, likely in no small part due to being affected by the hostile surrounding territories, it's unsuitable for habitation by any other faction. Mire Town is the 11th campaign stage on The World Map, hosting 40 individual stages. It is unlocked upon completion of Island of the Banished.

Completing this chapter grants access to Field of Stars and The Far Frontier. In addition, players will be rewarded with an elite Nemora and 10 Faction Scrolls.


Mire Town is a hidden hamlet with reclusive residents. This is an isolated place mostly known for its fetid swamps and less than savory populace. The waters here are toxic enough to melt flesh from bone and erode the best of armors. Those who come upon the Mire Town are warned to proceed with caution as only the crazed, or the criminally minded who flee the law are mad enough to call this place home. The Hypogean forces are deeply entrenched here, as their rule goes uncontested.




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