First Camp

Minor Hypogean enemies shown on the stage details screen.

Minor enemies are NPCs in AFK Arena that serve to provide easier fights for the player. Minor enemies will occasionally appear throughout the main Campaign, certain Peaks of Time stages, and while Testing Heroes.

Hypogean Enemies

Listed below are all the minor Hypogean enemies.

Name Image Description Class
Hypogean Elite
Hypogean Elite
A common orc-like enemy. The Hypogean elite is a tanky, formidable, deadly warrior. Strength
Hypogean Mage
Hypogean Mage New
A common reaper-like enemy. The Hypogean mage is able to heal himself and attack all enemies on the battlefield. Intelligence
Fiend Fiend A common imp-like enemy. The fiend is able to significantly reduce his opponents' attack ratings. Strength

Lightbearer enemies

Listed below are all the minor Lightbearer enemies.

Name Image Description Class
Dwarven Pulverizer
Dwarven pulverizer
A common dwarf enemy. The pulverizer is able to stun his enemies by charging at them at the beginning of battles. Unknown
Dwarven Bombardier
Dwarven bombardier
A common dwarf enemy. The bombardier spends his time at the beginning of battles setting up a cannon which he uses to attack enemies with. Unknown

Concept Art

Hypogean Concept Art

Minor hypogean enemy concept art.

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