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A list of characters that have been mentioned in other heroes' lore, but generally very little is known about. Often, characters of this nature will be added to the game as playable characters later, after which they will be given their own pages.

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Auxiliary Characters

Characters that appear as part of other characters' animations or skillsets, but are not counted as separate characters themselves.



A valiant steed that has long been loyal to the Rayne family. She used to belong to Baden, but since his death has been passed down to Estrilda.

Fortune Duck

A duck of a rare breed said to lay golden eggs. He was given to Rowan with the intent of being a wedding present for him and Peggy. Though he's male and thus doesn't lay eggs at all, Rowan paints ordinary eggs gold to take advantage of his customers' not knowing how to tell a male and female duck apart.


Knights that accompany Peggy and aid her in battle. No story details about them are given.


A ginger tabby cat belonging to Angelo that he met while traveling with his father, he has been his constant companion ever since. A lover of adventure, he has grown sluggish in the wake of Angelo's relatively recent fame, and this change in his behavior was the catalyst for Angelo venturing into the battlefield.


A Hypogean who manipulated Morrow in his childhood by orchestrating the murders of his family, only to be much later overpowered by him and forced to enter a pact, now trapped in the book he carries.


Old Pals

A group of abnormally small Durri quintuplets superficially resembling moles that Kren describes as his relatives. They typically aid him in his heists, and in combat, they're tasked with delivering his ammunition and explosives. As they are in the The Land of the Exiles with Kren, they are presumed to be exiles themselves, likely due to being accomplices in Kren's crimes.


An Iron-jaw found injured and close to death in the wilderness of the Scorched Expanse. Skreg initially planned to finish it off for supplies, but seeing in its defiant nature a reflection of himself, he instead opted to nurse the beast back to health. Though resistant to his care at first, the two of them have since become inseparable and fiercely protective of each other. When he was first introduced, after Skreg is defeated, Savagehorn would charge one last time to take revenge for his fallen master, though this gameplay aspect has since been removed for balancing reasons.

Zilsu, Szetzu, and Ilshu

Thesku's three remaining snake companions, who are always at his side and assist him in his skills. Zilsu is the purple one and capable of spitting a powerful neurotoxin. Szetzu is the red one and joins Zilsu in breathing fire. Ilshu is the black one and, though he doesn't have any dedicated attacks of his own, joins the others in their ultimate skill to petrify their enemies.


White Hind

A nameless white deer and Lyca's battle mount, she appeared from the stars when Lyca was chosen for the Union Story: Dusk Watch, with the bow Starfall in her mouth. She and Lyca are visibly affectionate towards each other in their victory animation.


Horwich and Porter

Once in the same pirate crew as Torne stationed in Rustport, they deeply resented each other despite being allies. Ultimately, this resulted in their becoming Torne's left and right heads respectively after fighting over the cursed crown that would turn its wearer into whatever they hated most. Horwich was the most cunning of the three and enjoyed dancing, while Porter was the wisest of the three and was a talented musician.


A ragdoll created for Daimon by Shemira while they were still alive, it has since taken a life of its own as Daimon's guardian. It reverts back into an ordinary toy without Daimon's influence.



Shadow Mastiff

A hellhound sealed in Leofric's cane, which is made from its bones. It has absolute loyalty towards him and acts as his familiar.

Twin Terrors

A pair of Hypogeans manifesting as floating skulls, Lucretia willingly took them as a host after Zaphrael killed their son Owain.



A horned owl who is Merlin's familiar and guardian, his chasing after a bat was the first thing that Merlin saw upon his arrival in Esperia. In battle, he defends Merlin by imprisoning enemies who place him under crowd control, and acts as a host for his spirit the first time that he takes lethal damage.


Though JOKER is capable of using more Personas, Arsène is the first one he gains and is the one most frequently associated with him, having already accompanied him to other dimensions previously. Its manifestation is based on Arsène Lupin, a devious trickster from classical novels by Maurice Leblanc.

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QUEEN's Persona, Johanna manifests as a sentient motorcycle.

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Nakoruru's closest animal companion, a hawk who assists her in her attacks.

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Unknown Faction, Multiple Factions, or No Faction

Mortuary Void

A sentient force of darkness, possibly a legion of beings of incomprehensible nature, that hungers for souls. It is the most powerful thing currently known in the AFK Arena universe, able to effortlessly tear even the stars asunder, and is the only thing known to be capable of killing even a Graveborn permanently. Oden and Safiya (CN only) are both under its thrall and draw their power from it.

Lore characters



Appears in: Union Story: The Final Choice

Mentioned in: Gear descriptions

The founding ruler of the Lightbearer Empire, the first class of Mythic Gear once belonged to him. He was trapped in The Barred Gate against Lucretia, intending to sacrifice himself by luring the invading Hypogeans away from his people, but was rescued by Zaphrael.

By unknown means, he has somehow achieved immortality, and roams Esperia in disguise, telling Zaphrael's story which has been systematically erased from historical records. He is identifiable by his missing left eye.

Angelo's daughter

Appears in: Peggy's lore

A little girl that Angelo enjoys telling stories from The Anthology of Esperian Fairytales to, including the stories of Peggy and Raku. It's not known whether she has been born yet, as her appearance is implied to take place in the future due to Harry being described as elderly at the time.

Baron Rayne

Mentioned in: Silvina's lore


Mentioned in: Walker's lore, Dolly's Corner Issue 23

A former member of the Lightbearer military along with Walker, he was killed by the Quicksand Claws, an act which Walker has sworn revenge for.

Duchess Georgiana

Mentioned in: Scarlet's lore

The owner of the Violet Orphanage, she puts on a front as a benevolent and charitable philanthropist, but behind closed doors cruelly experiments on those under her care, only referring to them by a number and forcing them to worship her as she tested them, subjecting them to extreme conditions in order to awaken dark power within them. Scarlet, Morrow, Isabella, and Silvina are all among her victims, and she is implied to have been killed by Scarlet when the orphanage was destroyed.

Earl of Oye

Mentioned in: Union Story: The Lightbringers

A wealthy Lightbearer who succumbed to the temptation of the Hypogeans and engaged in a ritual to sacrifice his own children to them. He was killed by Lucius and Belinda.

Lord of Kuilin

Appears in: Leofric's lore

The ruler of Kuilin City, he suspected Leofric's true nature as a Hypogean long before he revealed himself, but reluctantly works with him anyway for the good of his city.

Reginald Gilder

Appears in: Rowan's lore, Union Story: The Forsaken Family

The father of Rowan and Angelo, he was the wealthiest merchant in Esperia, and had power and influence enough in the Lightbearer Empire to be in the same social class as nobility. He was suddenly killed by a traitorous guard — something which Rowan was only recently informed of.

Jarle Gilder

Appears in: Union Story: The Forsaken Family

The father of Reginald and grandfather of Rowan and Angelo, he was killed by bandits when Reginald was still young, being forced to wander the Realm of the Lost for several decades before Niru reunited him with his son.

Scarlet Laurence, Senior

Appears in: Scarlet's lore

Once the greatest opera singer in Kuilin City, she was the first to succumb to their family's insanity curse, and committed suicide during a performance. Scarlet is her granddaughter and was named after her.


Khasos's Master

Mentioned in: Khasos's lore, Union Story: Master and Apprentice

A chieftain of a minor Mauler tribe, he was excessively cruel even among other Mauler slave masters. When Khasos, at the time a shepherd under him, challenged him in a battle to the death rather than allow himself to be slowly tortured to death under his whip, his master made a game out of it and drank excessively before the fight to even the odds, which proved to be a fatal mistake when Khasos's superior reflexes triumphed.


Thesku's eldest and most ill-tempered snake companion, he was tragically caught and strangled when he ignored Thesku's orders and fell into a trap during the most recent Mauler-Lightbearer war. His loss affected Thesku deeply and was the catalyst for his retreat into the Land of Exiles.

Previous Grand Chieftain

Skriath's predecessor as the highest-ranking Mauler, he was assassinated in a coup that Safiya is implied to be responsible for.


The Bear Folksman who led Drez's former hunting troupe, he and the rest of them left him for dead after their mission to hunt a fire falcon ended with the deaths of multiple members of their group.

The Quicksand Claws

Appears in: Walker's lore

Mentioned in: Kren's lore, Thesku's lore, Eternal Engravings (Maulers)

A group of Mauler outlaws roaming the The Land of the Exiles of which Thesku is a current member, Walker has made it his mission to exterminate them after they were responsible for killing his partner. Of their highest-ranking members, only one of them is left alive, going by the name of "Savage Frank". Two others, one going by the name of "Lame George" and an unnamed Wolfman, were recently killed by Walker.

They were given the secrets of Eternal Engravings by Lightbearers in an attempt to sabotage the rest of the Maulers, though this ultimately backfired and directly led to all Maulers gaining access to them.




Mentioned in: Various Voiced by: Robert Bilodeau (Anime)


Mentioned in: Dolly's Corner #4

A necromancer also known as "The Puppeteer", he specializes in enslaving corpses so that they can be easily controlled. He is the one who revived Baden and considers him "a rare piece" due to his being one of the Rayne family.



Mentioned in: Orthros' lore, Titus' lore

A divine carpenter under Dura's employ, his skill and craftsmanship is legendary. He created the clock tower that Orthros was once part of.

Talene's Mother

Appears in: Talene's lore, Framton's lore

One of the last two Obsidian Finches, she sacrificed herself for Talene when the two were attacked by Framton. After her body was delivered to the Core's Cradle, her spirit, along with those of the rest of their race, aided in Talene's ascension to a Celestial.


Mortas's Benefactor

Appears in: Mortas's lore

An unnamed Hypogean who attempted to corrupt Mortas, framing him for murdering the son of Prince Edwin and baiting him into wanting revenge. Unfortunately for it, its plan worked too well, and Mortas abused a loophole in their agreement, robbing it of its power.



Appears in: The Noble Tavern

Markiplier's youngest dog, she's a golden Labrador Retriever who accompanied him to Esperia. He joked that she was a part of the Maulers on multiple occasions, and she is mentioned to have a ravenous appetite.

See also: Chica on Markiplier Wiki


Mentioned in: Albedo's lore

One of Ainz Ooal Gown's subordinates, he guards the seventh floor of his lair, the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Albedo has tasked him with strengthening their defenses in their absence.

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Kei Odagiri

Mentioned in: Ukyo's lore

A woman of noble birth that Ukyo has fallen in love with, he fights in her name. He came to Esperia while searching for a rare flower for her that could only be found in the

See also: Kei Odagiri on SNK Wiki

Unknown Faction, Multiple Factions, or No Faction


The young son of Lucretia and Zaphrael, he was abducted to sacrifice to the Twin Terrors. Zaprael, arriving too late to help, had no choice but to smite him, though he later regretted the decision.

Saurus's Rescuer

A nameless woman who, like Saurus, was enslaved in the city of Rustport, but escaped and aided him while she was at it. Witnessing her defiance made him rethink his own arrogant ways, and he has sworn to seek her out so he can protect her and repay his debt.

Formerly Minor Characters

These characters were at one point lore-only, but were added later to the playable roster.



Minor Enemies



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