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Mercenaries are a system that can be used to borrow heroes from your friends or Exemplar guild mates in AFK Arena. These can be used to help players progress through a stage when necessary.

Players receive 10 Companion Points each time they successfully loan out a hero as a mercenary. A maximum of 50 Companion Points per week can be obtained using this method.


Question Answer
A friend has returned my Mercenary early, why can't anyone else hire it? A hero can only be loaned once a week. If it is returned early, it can't be hired out again.


Esperia is a land full of surprises but also crises. If you want to travel or take adventure here, there are two things necessary, courage and companionship.

Courage allows you to embark on an adventure without hesitation and support you through the most difficult times. When the courage cannot solve the problem, it is a wise choice to hire a reliable adventure partner.



The mercenary feature is unlocked after completing stage 6-40 and allows you to borrow heroes from your friends for a limited time.

Players can send friends a hero “hiring” request. Your friend will receive a notification that will prompt them to accept or ignore your request. Lending out a hero to a friend in this way does not prevent players from using that hero going forward. 10 Companion Points are awarded to the player for loaning out their heroes, and this action can be repeated for a total of up to 50 Companion Points per week.

Once a friend has accepted the request the hired heroes may be used to assist you in the King’s Tower, Faction Towers, Campaign Stages, the Twisted Realm, and in Arcane Labyrinth. Players can simultaneously hire up to 3 mercenary heroes per week and may also send up to 5 hiring requests at a time. Despite hiring up to 3 mercenaries you can only use one per battle excluding certain game modes. Once you've attained a single victory with the help of a mercenary you can no longer use any mercenaries to assist you in that particular game mode until the weekly reset at 00:00 UTC on Sunday.

If you have been defeated, you can continue using your mercenaries as much as you want until you can finally achieve victory. Despite being able to return and hire heroes over the course of the week, you will not be able to use a mercenary in a game mode that you've already successfully completed with the help of a mercenary. Attempting to use a mercenary after you've already attained victory in that mode will give you a message telling you how long you have until the weekly reset.


If you request heroes right after the Sunday 00:00 UTC reset, you're more likely to receive the hero you want. As the "Auto Lend" feature prioritizes the first person to make a request even if several others request that same hero later you're more likely to receive it. This also means, if you can help it, you may not want to request a hero that others have already requested as you're particularly unlikely to receive their aid.


Mercenary equipment is locked in at the average of the best equipment used by your 5 heroes in the resonating crystal during their employ. This means it may be a good idea to give your 5 heroes the best equipment available at least once to ensure your mercenaries' equipment will be good as well. Also, if your friend has an artifact or signature item equipped to their hero it will be equipped to the mercenary as well. You can click on a unit's portrait to view their equipment before requesting them. This means in many cases the strongest mercenary may not necessarily be the one at the top of your list.


  • Heroes of the same name can only be lend to a friend at a time until they can return their mercenary when needed.
  • Similar to Arcane Labyrinth, mercenaries can also be used in Voyage of Wonders.
  • Players can only hire heroes that obtained a Legendary tier or higher.
  • When you click on "Auto Lend", it will automatically accept all requests from your friends in the order that has been requested first.