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Mentorship Points are a type of currency exclusive to the Solemn Vow feature. Mentors can earn them by assisting their apprentices in task completions to level them up.

Item Details

Bearing witness to both blood and fire, it is the ultimate symbol of Mentor and Apprentice. Mentors can acquire Mentorship Points by helping their Apprentices level up.


Name Image Source/Description
"I see the shadow of my past in you."
N avatar frame mentor 1.png
Accumulate 1000 Mentorship Points.
"May the inheritor of glory forever flourish and never die."
N avatar frame mentor 2.png
Accumulate 2000 Mentorship Points.
"Carrying on a legacy is more than just glory, it is also a burden. The future is depending on you."
N avatar frame mentor 3.png
Accumulate 3000 Mentorship Points.