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YouTuber extraordinaire Markiplier was available for a limited-time at The Noble Tavern to help Dolly as a bartender.

Voice Lines

  • "Welcome back to The Tavern! My name is Markiplier, and this is my assistant Chica! What can we get for you?"
  • "Two lucky charms are way better than one, almost twice the good! I am Markiplier, this is Chica and you can trust us, for the... uh..better best Elite cards!"
  • "You know what you need? Heroes... Lots of heroes..."
  • "Another elite, eh? Yeah, that was all me. But you probably will anyway. So... you're welcome."
  • "Something suspicious is happening at the Temple of Ascension next door... A ton of heroes walk in, the lights go crazy, and then only one hero walks out... but they do look stronger so it's probably fine."
  • "Make sure you come back everyday to collect your AFK Rewards! Your heroes are fighting all night long to pile literal mountains of gold at your front door. Where can I get friends like that..."
  • "Lightbearers are good against Maulers. It's just way it is. That said, I'm pretty sure Chica could still beat me up... you qualify as a Mauler, right?"
  • "Maulers eat Wilders for breakfast. Not literally though. Well actually maybe literally, I don't know. Chica here will eat pretty much anything."
  • "Have you actually read some of the Graveborn stories? Now I don't cry very much on account of me being super tough and manly, but some of those stories are just... *sniff* so sorry... something in my eye"
  • "Wilders do really well against Graveborn. I don't know why. Probably something to do with life vs death or some other philosophical mumbo-jumbo."



  • Markiplier's dog is named Chica.
  • When added to the Tavern, Markiplier had a timer of 93 days.



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