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Maldan is the 7th campaign chapter on The World Map, hosting 40 individual stages. It is available upon completion of Mauler's Enclave.

Completing this chapter unlocks access to The Unrelenting Blaze and rewards the player with Morvus and 8 Common Scrolls.


"Castle Maldan rests at the foot of the Oromouth Highlands. Once a place thriving with commerce, it now stands as a lonely monument to yesteryear. Though now abandoned, Castle Maldan once sat upon fertile, green lands, woven together by a crisscross of rivers and lakes. However, with the arrival of the Hypogean Invaders, the mountain was plunged into the coldest winter in over a millennium. The walls of Castle Maldan froze overnight. King Asgan, king of the dwarves, had no choice but to abandon his frigid throne and lead his people to safety."



  • Alna – The Frozen Mother may take place in Maldan, as it details a fierce battle in the icy mountains between dwarves and Hypogeans, with devastating causalities on the dwarf side.


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