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Lost in the Wild is a limited-time Voyage of Wonders stage available from August 18, 2021 until September 1, 2021. In order to collect the chests scattered throughout the stage, players must navigate magic runes that cause parts of the floor to collapse if stepped on.

There are 2 crystal chests and 12 gold chests to collect.



Fwoooo- the soft wind pirouettes through the leaves.

Rustling in the depths of the forest shade, beneath a large fallen tree, illuminated by rays of sunlight, there are two small furry creatures, their heads close together as if whispering secrets.

Event Rules

  • Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  • After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  • If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side's heroes will be wiped out.
  • Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player's own strength. Enemies' strength levels will not change once the event has begun.
  • Rewards may only be collected once per event.


Video Guide

Map Guide


Stage Overview

Total Enemy Camps: 21

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 2

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 12

Obstacle/Item Descriptions

Icon Name Description
Magic Rune.jpg
Magic Rune Stepping on it causes part of the floor to collapse.
Portal A one-way portal. Warps you to the next island.
Light Beam Emitter.jpg
Blaze Tower An old, magical dwarven tower that is capable of emitting a persistent and destructive beam of fire.

(Beam can be counteracted with ice beams).

Frost Tower.jpg
Frost Tower An old, magical dwarven tower that is capable of emitting a persistent and destructive beam of ice.

(Beam can be counteracted with fire beams).


Crystal Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the crystal chests:

Icon Name Amount
Stargazer ticket item.jpg
Stargazer Scroll 10 scrolls

Gold Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the gold chests:

Icon Name Amount
Icon bag chest 4.jpg
Reward Choice Chest 4 chests
Primordial Emblem 20 emblems
Amplifying Emblem 20 emblems
Poe Coin.jpg
Poe Coins 1500 coins
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard 200 shards
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core 100 cores
Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest 10 chests


[Start of level]

Pippa: Er... Raku, do you remember the way we just came?

Raku: More importantly... Look! We've found a whole new place! New places mean new adventures!

Pippa: But, but, but... This place is so big, who knows what dangers might be lurking.

Raku: Don't worry Pippi! Just stay close to me! Raku the Clever will ensure a smooth ride!

Game Log: Find a way out of here.

[Step on Magic Rune]

Raku: WAAAAH! Pippi! Look out!

Pippa: (Startled) The floor behind us collapsed! Raku! What did you do whilst my back was turned!?

Raku: Nothing... Well, I just stepped on something strange... Probably not good. Right here! Pippi look!

Pippa: Uhh... (Carefully examines) A magic rune! Someone clearly didn't want anyone to find it, it looks intentionally hidden, seems to be a trap. Oh! For trespassing villains! Oh! Just like you and me when we stole Arden's cup. We could be stuck here and get caught in the act! Oh dear... then maybe get scolded and forbidden to eat pine nut marzipan?

Raku: Waaah! Anything but that! Pippi, you're smarter than me, you must have an idea, right?

Pippa: I'm trying!

Game Log: Be careful! Watch your step!

[Approach portal]

Raku: Pippi! Look what I found! Hey! It's a portal!

Pippa: It looks like we'll have to rely on this portal to get out of here... But, I wonder what's on the other side?

Raku: You think too much! This is the only way we can go, just keep moving!

Game Log: It's a one-way portal, no going back the way we came.

[Use portal]

Raku: This place looks way more fun than the last place! Let's carry on with our adventure!

Pippa: Seems so... Raku, we need to be careful and find a safe way through here.

Raku: But Pippi, there is so much cool stuff here, we really must explore! You know the saying, risk and opportunity go hand in hand!

Game Log: Be considerate in your every step.

[Take out final camp]

Pippa: Phew, that was close... Huh? Raku, Raku! Look up ahead, there seems to be something... bright and shiny?

Raku: I got it! It must be treasure hidden here! Wayhey! This adventure has been super exciting and fun! All thanks to Pippi the Clever!

Pippa: It's all thanks to brave Raku! But if Arden found out we made a mess...

Raku: My lips are sealed! Heeheehee! This'll be our secret!

Pippa: Yeah, for sure!