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The Maulers are divided into numerous tribes, not all of them known. However, several of them have been identified repeatedly in lore.

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Arachin Tribe

Main article: Arachin

A tribe of spiders that do not usually associate with the other tribes. Most other Maulers fear them, as their venom is extremely powerful and causes their victim an excruciating death by dissolving their internal organs. Even Hypogeans don't dare invade their territory, as every attempt to has ended in catastrophic defeat.

Arachin characters:

Bear Folk

A once-proud race of Mauler in an ongoing but losing conflict against the Centaurs, they have been reduced to small, isolated pockets instead of the singular clan they used to be.

Bear Folk characters:

Bull Tribe

Bull Tribe Characters:

Centaur Clan

A once-nomadic but now feared race of Mauler that specialize in raiding, with unmatched stamina and willpower. They're headed by the elite cavalry known as the Raging Hooves, and are at war with the Bear Folk.

Centaur Clan Characters:

Cheetah People

Cheetah People Characters:

Durri Tribe

Main article: Durri

One of the more populous tribes, and the one with the most playable characters, they are a tribe of rodents different from most Maulers in their skittish nature and preference for ambush above direct conflict. Though often looked down on and discriminated against by other Maulers, their reputation has begun to improve in recent years

Durri Tribe Characters:

Falcon Clan

Aggressive even by the standards of other Maulers, they have made many enemies of the other tribes, and were nearly wiped out after a coordinated attack until the followers of Skriath - an anomaly among the Falcons - protected them.

Falcon Clan Characters:

Fox people

Fox People Characters:

Latran Tribe

The jackal people of the Maulers who live in the prairies surrounding the Scorched Expanse instead of within the desert itself, they are well-armed, cunning, and ruthless, not hesitating to attack the isolated and vulnerable.

Latran Tribe Characters:

  • Khasos (According to voice actor profile's description of him, "Jackal Warrior")
  • Bloodsnarl (according to internal filename, "OrcJackalTank")

Lion Clan

Lion Clan Characters:

Monkey Tribe

Though not seen, the existence of one is implied by Wu Kong being mistaken for a Mauler by other Maulers.

Satyr Clan

Satyr Clan Characters:

Sphinx Tribe

Sphinx Tribe Characters:


Wolfman Characters:


Maulers whose species, and therefore tribe, are unknown.