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This guide will show possible lineups for f2p players, and not only. But it is not designed for endgame content (25+ chapters).
In chapters 25-30 you will have enough ascended heroes to change the setups for opponents
Wilders> Graveborns> Lightbearers> Maulers ).

Early game

For the initial game as a carry, one of the many heroes of the legendary level may be suitable.
Recommendations: Saveas is one of the best carry heroes up to 160 lvl. It will help you complete at least chapter 12.


Optimal setup for saveas:  brutus / lucius / saveas / belinda / fawkes or brutus / saveas on the frontline and 3 wilders (tasi, lyca, nemora).


Heroes like Vedan, Ira ans Silvina can also be used as carry. You will not be disappointed in them.
It is worth noting that Golus and Ogi can be used as tanks in the initial game.  

Setup:  shemira / lucius / ferael / belinda / fawkes can also be used in an early game, but Shemira up to level 161 is rather weak.
With this lineup I completed 5-12 chapters. 


This lineup is very strong and relevant in the late game.

Shemira - Hero of the ascended level. This hero is one of the easiest to ascend. It can be purchased in the labyrinth shop. She also is an award for completing Chapter 15 and for completing Peaks of time: the divine realm.

Mid game (161+)

  • In the mid game, the standard formation: brutus, shemira, nemora, lyca, tasi takes effect.

Such a lineup is as simple and effective as possible. Helps you get to chapter 22+.
In some cases, brutus can be replaced by lucius (opponents are the maulers team / not oneshot team when Lucius manages to use the shield).

Formation with lucius:


  • At level 160, Arden enters the game - an extremely strong CC, which may be instead of nemora or tasi.

Formation with arden.

Arden can be used when opponents have heroes like Niru, Ferael, Vedan, etc. that can kill your Shemira(or your other carry) very quickly.
Also, arden can sometimes be used as a target for Silvina :)

  • It is worth noting that instead of the main carry Shemira can be used Khasos - it is not inferior in strength to Shemira.

It is also easy to assemble from labyrinth shop.


Against the wilders team it is the most effective hero.

Do not underestimate Khasos; he is really a very strong carry. He is able to do a lot of damage from the beginning of the fight. Khasos's signature item will also boost it very much.

Another option for using Khasos:


This formation has a lot of control from Arden, and Khasos also strongly buffs from Lyca and Numisu.
Numisu totems can act as additional targets for enemies.

  • Lightbearers team - lucius, estrilda, fawkes, belinda, thane

Very strong formation, also works in PvP. Thane can be replaced by Athalia.

There is a separate story about Athalia, she is an incredibly strong hero in the late game, and can be used in almost any situation.

  • Formation shemira, grezhul + 3 wilders can be relevant in the game after 220 levels on Grezhul and Shemira

In a late game, Grezhul is a very powerful tank.

Graveborn heroes such as Ferael, Isabella, Baden, Nara can be used here.