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Lightbearers are a faction in AFK Arena. They are heroes who serve in the name of Dura. They mainly fight with Hypogeans, Maulers, and Graveborns. Their main goal is to restore the land of Esperia from evil.

Lightbearers have a factional advantage over Maulers, however, they are weak against Graveborns. There are a total of 24 playable Lightbearer heroes in the game.


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Ascended Tier Heroes

Legendary+ Tier Heroes

Common Tier Heroes


Lightbearers like Belinda are capable of using magic like the Holy Light.

"The Lightbearers have always sought immortality, and even more so since mastering the use of magic."

Lightbearers are made up of mostly human beings but can include other races like dwarves. Lightbearers are the most technologically advanced faction in Esperia, compared to the other faction.

Lightbearers have the strongest affinity towards magic than any other faction. Some like Mirael practise elemental magic while others like Lucius and Belinda possess divine magic of the Holy Light.

They are also the most dedicated worshippers and followers of Dura and strive to rid Esperia of evil, particularly the Hypogeans.


Ranhorn City


On the World Map, Ranhorn City is the starting point of the campaign.

"Ranhorn City. The ancestral home of the Lightbearers was once the most prosperous and bustling city in the realm until the Hypogeans emerged from the Barred Gate and set their covetous sights on it. Since falling into the hands of the demons, the city shambles along in ruins. The people of Ranhorn await liberation from their cruel overlords."


On the World Map, Maldan is the former Kingdom of the Dwarves.

"Castle Maldan rest at the foot of The Oromouth Highlands. Once a place thriving with commerce, it now stands as a lonely monument to yesteryear. Though now abandoned, Castle Maldan once sat upon fertile, green fields, woven together by a crisscross of rivers and lakes. However, with the arrival of the Hypogean invaders, the mountain was plunged into its coldest winter in over a millennium. The walls of Castle Malden froze overnight. King Asgan, king of the dwarves, had no choice but to abandon his frigid throne and lead his people to safety."