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The Library is a building that can be accessed in Ranhorn after beating stage 2-16. Here, players can access the Field of Stars, The Elder Tree, Gear Resonance, and Unions to grant their Heroes a variety of bonuses and receive additional rewards.


This old library is crammed with countless tales written by the travelling bards of Esperia. Within it are the stories of many great heroes, some touching, others heartbreaking. They tell the tales of how great friendships and alliances were forged, brought together to fight against a common enemy, they are forever unbreakable.

Field of Stars

Field of Stars.png
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The top of the library hosts the Field of Stars, a room consisting of 6 unique constellations: Longhorn, The Big Torch, Sands of Time, The Chalice, The Northern Helm, and The Obsidian Finch.

A variety of 'starbursts' can be unlocked for each constellation, granted the player meets specific requirements first. This unlocks different bonuses to reap the benefit of.

The Elder Tree

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In the center of the library, the Elder Tree can be accessed. With the aide of flawless droplets, players can level up the tree to increase the attributes of all their heroes.

Upon surpassing level 15, Dura's virtues can be unlocked with Twisted Essence, allowing specific Hero Classes to receive bonuses. These 5 virtues include: Dura's Celerity, Dura's Fortitude, Dura's Might, Dura's Sorcery, and Dura's Sustenance.

Gear Resonance

Resonate Gear.png
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In the center of the library, Gear Resonance can be accessed, and T1, T2, and T2 gear can be activated.

By activating a tier, players can raise all low Combat Rating gear worn by heroes to the same tier, reducing the players need to work on levelling and finding the correct faction for each individual low-level gear they already own.


Unions Banner.jpg
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At the bottom of the library, specific heroes can band together to form pre-existing unions, blessing each member of the union with a collective team bonus. These bonuses are accumulative with each level reached.

Players can assign up to 6 support heroes to help Guild mates and Friends fill up each union. Support heroes can freely be swapped in and out at any given time.

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