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This article is about King's Tower, which includes "The World Tree." You may be looking for the location and campaign chapter, Yggdrasil.

The King's Tower is a building located in the Dark Forest of AFK Arena and is available after beating stage 2-12. Players in the King's Towers will complete a number of floors in order to advance to the next floor. As of Patch 1.65, the King's tower has a total of 1000 floors.

Players will be rewarded for defeating the enemies of each floor, and thus permitted to ascend to the next. Rewards include both types of Soulstones (Elite Soulstones for every 10th floor and Rare Soulstones for the rest of the floors), Gold, Hero's Essence, and Diamonds. Rewards increase with every conquered floor to became substantial amounts later in the game.


King's Tower

"The King’s Tower", once the beacon of mankind was an illustrious gleaming tower from whence the old king ruled over his kingdom. It wasn’t until the old king was betrayed by his younger brother, Prince Edwin, that the tower began its descent into darkness. The tower in which so many cruel deeds took place now stands enshrouded by darkness as if it were a monument to evil."'

Towers of Esperia

Faction Towers.

The four basic Towers of Esperia, The Tower of Light, The Brutal Citadel, The World Tree, and The Forsaken Necropolis, are unlocked after completing stage 14-40 in the Campaign. Both Celestial Sanctum and Infernal Fortress are unlocked after completing stage 29-60.

There are currently only 6 other Towers themed after their respective factions, each with 570 floors. Players may only use Heroes from the faction that the tower is themed after. Players can only complete 20 floors per day and the different towers are rotated out on a daily basis.

Towers of Esperia Rewards

There are campaign quests you can complete by finishing floors in all Faction Towers. A detailed list of rewards can be found here.

Tower of Light - Lightbearer Heroes

N race tower enter bg human.jpg

Opens every: Monday/Friday/Sunday

Tower of Light.

This shining edifice was erected millennia ago by King Arvon in memory of his grandfather, King Luther, the first king of men and the first bearer of the light. Many champions of men have attempted to reach the zenith of this inspiring monument, seeking to pay homage to the old king, yet have failed in surmounting the challenges that face them along the way. The path to the old king’s sky tomb is treacherous and full of hidden dangers. Only the most resilient and resourceful are capable of summiting this cloud-capped trial of stone to pay their respects to King Luther.

The Brutal Citadel - Mauler Heroes

N race tower enter bg orc.jpg

Opens every: Tuesday/Friday/Sunday

Brutal Citadel Tower

This towering spectacle, cut into the cliffs, is a perfect embodiment of the will of the Maulers, shaped like a beautiful but beastly towering razor, jagged-edged and dangerously sharp. For the Maulers, this is where they make their name as warriors and they take pride in coming here to test themselves. The steep, craggy staircases test the mettle of those undertaking the trial, and the elite Maulers stationed in the tower stand ready to face challengers. With every ascent, they can feel the biting, murderous intent.

The World Tree - Wilder Heroes

N race tower enter bg elf.jpg

Opens every: Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday

World Tree Tower

This gargantuan tree draws Wilders of all stripes to its impossibly wide trunk. Inside, it is criss-crossed with meandering corridors, not carved but integrated into its growth pattern through ancient magics. The interior surfaces are covered with ropes of branch and vine that support the wondrous tree like a woody musculature. Those with an affinity for the forest find themselves inexplicably drawn to this behemoth, as to ascend to the canopy is to find oneself communing with the heart of the natural world itself.

The Forsaken Necropolis - Graveborn Heroes

N race tower enter bg undead.jpg

Opens every: Thursday/Saturday/Sunday

Forsaken Necropolis Tower

Once a place of final rest for the dearly departed, the necropolis now houses a new ominous tenant. Long gone are the days where the dead could rest and the living honor their memory. The evil that walks these halls has warped the natural order into a twisted perversion of itself. Dread energies enshroud this accursed place, where the once peaceful silence has been supplanted by the skittering sounds of bones against cold stone.

Celestial Sanctum - Celestial Heroes

Celestial Tower.jpg

Opens every: Wednesday/Friday/Sunday

Celestial Sanctum Tower

Since the outbreak of the Infernal Surge, the gods have walked the land, but they have never stopped searching for a way to restore their godhood. At the place where Honas first created the world, the gods used their divine powers to erect a white tower that rose high into the clouds, where they had once resided, to allow them to gaze down from the heavens once more. The only way for the Celestials to hold on to their divinity is to burn their way through the illusions of the tower and reach the peak, so they can once again feel the glory of a true god.

Infernal Fortress - Hypogean Heroes

N race tower devil.jpg

Opens every: Thursday/Saturday/Sunday

Infernal Fortress Tower

Shrouded in a mask of cloud, it menaces in the form of a Hypogean; sinister, mysterious, and deadly. Twisted thorns curl around and stretch beyond one's gaze into the infinite darkness beyond, tempting all life to sink forever into misery and torment. Only Hypogeans can step foot in the tower. Once a mortal steps inside, he is doomed to corruption by the evil that fills every nook, to become mere morsels for new born Hypogeans.


Don't expect to be able to use Faction Bonuses to your advantage. While you are restricted to using 1 type of Faction for each tower, your enemies will not have that restriction.

Because of this, it's recommended that you should approach each stage with a higher team Attack Rating than that of each stage.

If you are having difficulty completing a stage you can try re-arranging your hero formation or checking out team compositions that others have used. Sometimes even just swapping your two frontline heroes can make all the difference. You can also use the help of some mercenary heroes.



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