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King's Manse is the 8th campaign chapter on The World Map, hosting 40 individual stages. It is available upon completion of Maldan.

Completing this chapter unlocks access to The Elder Tree, Twisted Essence, Secrets of the Forest, Champions of Esperia, and Bounty Chest. In addition, the player will be rewarded with Silvina and 10 Common Hero Scrolls.


"King's Manse, a true sight to behold. Once home to a slew of nobility, it was considered to be even more prosperous than the city of Ranhorn. When the old king Thoran was ousted from his throne and betrayed by his younger brother, Edwin, the royal families fell into discord and soon thereafter began fighting amongst themselves. The warring nobles decimated one another and the people around them. Left as just an empty shell, the invading Hypogean forces soon took it upon themselves to claim this once great place as a new bastion for evil."




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