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Kane is the commander of the Hypogean army who serves as the final boss of the hardmode labyrinth in the Champions of Esperia event. He also serves as the boss of both campaign stage 1-12 and the Rancid Forest Peaks of Time level; as well as the mini-boss for The Twisted Realm.

Kane attacks the player's team with up to 3 fiery swords and commands his pet dragon to join in the attack. He's able to hone in on the opponent who has dealt the most amount of damage and subsequently annihilate them.


Kane Icon.jpg

In the lore for the Peaks stage, The Burning Woods, an altar that once held Kane is mentioned.

"This area of woods is said to be scattered with several ancient altars, each altar is said to embody a different type of elemental magic, whether or not the magic within these altars is good or evil is anybodies guess. As a way of maintaining balance between the elements found in this mystical land, ancient Wilder sages created an altar that is now home to a powerful water elemental."

The Burning Woods contain an altar where Seirus sleeps, adjacent to an altar containing Kane. There are several other altars that set the woods on fire when destroyed.

Angelo's Song: The Oath Breaker

You gave me your word
I gave you my child
The most beautiful girl in all the world.

Your thirst for power destroyed
my world
Let my grief enfold thee
For now you shall cower.

Kane Banner.png

The princess is gone. The birds of
Oh how they do scorn.

"Like a fiend in a cloud
with howling woe
after night I do crowd
and with night I will go
My vengeance draws near"

The king was no more
The blade of fire pierced his heart
A feast for the crows before they

The knight had slain his king
Evil had taken hold
Oh what a fearful sight to behold.

Chaos reigns
Vengeance prevails
now evil assails.

- The Oath Breaker by Angelo,
Song of Dawn.


Name Icon Description
Hell's Judgment
Kane Skill 1-1.png
At 15, 40 and 65 seconds into the battle, the enemy that has dealt the highest amount of damage will be annihilated by Kane.
Dragon Fire
Kane Skill 2.png
Kane's dragon breathes fire on enemies, dealing 130% AoE damage to them.
Kane Skill 3.png
Deals multi-stage damage. The first stage deals 30% damage to all enemies, destroying all protective shields that they may be using. The second stage deals 165% damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

In-Game Roles

The Twisted Realm

"The infernal knight that slayed his king. He knows nothing but bitterness and hatred."

Kane's miniboss screen.

Kane appears as a mini boss in this guild event. He has lead the Hypogeans to the malevolent plane known as "The Twisted Realm" in order to project hellish intentions onto the unblemished minds of the Esperian denizens. He is challenged by the player's team of heroes, who have been called upon by Tasi Dreamhopper to neutralize the threat. Defeating Kane grants the player Twisted Essence.

Champions of Esperia Event

An example of a team assembled by Kane, and the rewards received from this.

In this event, Kane takes on the role of final boss by assembling a team of enemies for players to fight at the end of each floor of the hardmode labyrinth. Defeating his team rewards the player with Heroic Merits, a currency that can be spent on various rewards. Defeating Kane also provides the opportunity to obtain Hero's Essence which can be used to level up heroes.

Rancid Forest

The Kane boss fight.

Rancid Forest reeks with a thick stench. It is the place where the followers of the demon occult gather. Their ruler Kane can be found deep within the forest. To get a glimpse of Kane, they must offer up sacrifices to their cruel ruler on alters scattered throughout the forest which opens the passage to his throne. His devout followers within the dark shadows of the forest hidden beneath thick vegetation. They await those who dare to come looking for Kane and threaten his rule.


Kane fighting alongside his dragon.

Hogan and his men have fought long and hard to breach the city walls, however they now face Kane, commander of the Hypogean legions. The odds are stacked against the valiant heroes, but Hogan is duty-bound and he must reclaim the city, no matter the cost.

Abyssal Expedition

Kane in the Vault of Time

In the Abyssal Expedition event, Kane is located in a Destroyed City between the Scarred Ruins and the Forsaken Territories. In order to progress, the Militia needs to defeat the bosses.

Official Art

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