The Island of the Banished is an island off the West coast of Bantus and the site of the tenth campaign chapter.

It's the only area known to primarily inhabited by Graveborn that is not under Thoran's jurisdiction, though his forces have tried unsuccessfully to conquer it many times, in no small part because those who escape from his hellish invention, the Black Prison, almost invariably flee to here.

Here also resides the few Graveborn who have not sold their souls to Qaedam. These free Graveborn call themselves "The Tainted", who encourage and cultivate their home's dangerous reputation to preserve their own safety and freedom.


Located off the coast of Esperia's most westerly shore sits this gloomy island. Ringed by turbulent currents and treacherous shoals, its coast is dotted with hulking shipwrecks. Old dwellings are loosely interspersed throughout its craggy topography, but not much is known of their origins. In recent history the island served as a home to prisoners and exiles, as any attempted escapes from it would most certainly be fatal for its reluctant inhabitants.


  • The Island of the Banished's Campaign description appears to be the reputation it has among most Esperians rather than the reality of it told in additional lore by Team Lilith on Facebook.
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