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Many Afk-Users complain, the difficulty of hard mode Wrizz is not consistent.

In my opinion, the strongness of Wrizz is consistent (depends on Wrizz's Level), but the difficulty depends on your strategy and relics.

Here I want to introduce my strategy with the team all Lightbearers, that works until now more than 90%.

Heroes and Rolls

  • Lucius: can heal the allies and reduce the damages
  • Estrilda: can increase allies attack ratings and reduce the damages
  • Belinda: will increase allies attack ratings and critic ratings, especially with the "Blinding Brilliance" Relic and she will mainly deal the damage to Wrizz.
  • Raine: can increase damage to Wrizz with her Ultimate and 4.Skill
  • Thane or Fawkes: If the tiers of both heroes are same, I would choose Thane for more attack rating. Otherwise Fawkes for the Faction Bonus. (You can also use Athalia instead of Thane.)
  • Rosaline: can replace Thane or Fawkes. but she should be ascended enough otherwise very vulnerable.

Basic Rules

  • On the 1st. Floor: Although this Lightbearer Team is not maybe your favorite team for Labyrinth, try to charge their energy in 100% in the 1st. Floor. So you can use Ultimate at the beginning of the battle with the Wrizz.
  • Try to beat as many (elite) enemies as possible. To choose the path, you can check the reddit site. someone uploads every labyrinth map.


Best Relics

  • Deathly Embrace: is the 'must pick' relic, if you can.
  • Hero's Hope (Legendary, Elite, Rare): all tiers of this relic work well for Hard Mode (Wrizz)
  • Icebringer+Firebringer: they are already well-known good relics, not only for Wrizz.
  • Moonstone+Sunstone: same as "Icebringer+Firebringer"
  • Blinding Brilliance: This relic specially for Belinda let increase all your hero's Atk. and Crit. Ratings.
  • Lightbearer's Loyalty and Coral Vow work very nicely.
  • Praetorian Helmet: works better than the relics, which can increase Def Ratings.
  • Thunderburst and Blessed Hammer are good, but they are not 'must have' by Wrizz.

Good Relics

In general, the relics, that can increase your Atk./Crit. or Def./HP Regeneration, work better against Wrizz. Follows are the relics, that I would choose.

Def+/HP Regeneration

  • Steel Cuirass
  • Shiled of Fortitude
  • Relic Chest
  • Vanguard’s War Flag
  • The Angelic Thorn
  • Heaven's Grace


  • Silver Arrow
  • Shadowfall
  • Beast’s Claw
  • Arcane Spellbook
  • Supporter’s War Flag
  • Heartseeker
  • Poisonous Embrace
  • Ragespike

Relics to avoid

There are many relics, that they are generally good but not useful for Wrizz. Do not choose them, if you will try Wrizz.


For Example: Insolence, Eagle Strike, Frozen Star, Spider Thread Gloves, The Unmounted Heart, Sands of Time, War Horn, Carnal Grip

They doesn't work well or even meaningless, at least for the battle with Wrizz.


My strategy is maximize the benefits of factional bonuses (Wrizz belongs to the Maulers faction. Lightbearers have +25% Atk. Rating to Wrizz) and choose the relics, which really helpful against Wrizz, otherwise choose the relics, that just increases your Atk. and Def. Ratings.

You may need to manage the ratio between Atk+ and Def+. I would set up relics, in which my Def Rating at least +180% can be increased. Otherwise your Heroes are very vulnerable.