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Hello Adventurers!

Like many players on many games, the search for optimizing game time and resources can become an obsession.

The big advantage of AFK Arena is freeing us from the jail of daily quests that last for hours, and slow-charging energy systems terrorizing us to lose 1 point of energy in the day.

The following guide is here to offer you some great rules to follow to maximize your choices in the game. They are based on my experience as a player on both AFK arena and other games.

First, make sure to go read the Resonating Crystal article here made by Vagabond (ID : 15818929, S153) and here we go !

I - How to choose the 5 Heroes to place in the Resonating Crystal ?

At the beginning of the game, you will tend to place your 5 most powerful units to move forward, no need to think of another form of strategy.

But later on and for optimization you will follow a simple rule :

"Place 1 Hero of each faction, and 1 fifth Hero of the faction in which you were most lucky in your many first draws. "

But why ?

Because statistically, as you draw, you will have a balance of Heroes among all factions , and since you can only sacrifice units within a family, it will be much faster to get 5 Heroes at the highest level of ascension if you diversify your Crystal.

In my case, I was very lucky in the family of Lightbearers , they naturally became my family for which I positioned 2 units in my Crystal. 

You can see on the images my 5 heroes of the Crystal: 

IMG 4893.jpg
IMG 4894.jpg

 Bélinda : A character you get from the beginning of the game in Elite + version which allows you to take a step ahead of the other Heroes if you run out of luck in the draws.

Fawkes : My choice of a second Hero from the same faction. You will see further (in part II) that it is obtained in a regular and guaranteed way thanks to the Challenger Store. A very good choice if you choose the Lightbearers as your dual Family.

Shemira : Same as Fawkes, you will see below that she is a character that is obtained in a regular and guaranteed way through the Labyrinth Store . Still a very good choice to limit the bad luck of the draws.

Nemora : Same as Fawkes and Shemira, Nemora is a character that you can easily get to the Labyrinth Store. But beware ! It will conflict with Shemira when you seek to spend your precious points.

Brutus : No strategy unfortunately to place a Brutus as a representative of the Maulers family. I was fortunate to have him extremely often to be my most advanced Mauler hero.

  II - Faction Scroll, Noble Taverne, The Labyrinth and Challenger Store, what to do to optimize its Crystal ?

We have just seen the importance of placing the good Heroes in the Resonating Crystal to optimize your team. We will see that we can strongly influence the good evolution of our 5 Heroes.   

A - The faction scrolls :

The question arises each time you obtain one of that kind of scroll ; which faction to choose ?

Faction scroo.jpg

Strategically, once you have been able to determine the family of your Resonating Crystal that will be represented by two Heroes, you will need to spend your faction scrolls in this family to ensure you have more units to sacrifice in this family.​​​​​​​

Exceptionally, it remains possible to spend these faction scrolls if you see that you are missing some "sacrificable" units of a family to gain a level of ascension of one of your other 3 Crystal Heroes.   

B - The Noble Tavern  :

Choix faction.jpg

The idea is the same here when you have to choose for the "choice of faction card » from the Noble Tavern.

Take your family represented 2 times in the Crystal to hope for one of your two Crystal Heroes.

  C - Labyrinth Store :

IMG 4896.jpg

Shemira, Shemira, Shemira! We can never say it enough ; she is one of the most incredible units in the game to crush entire teams on her own.

You will need to focus on buying Shemira every time you get 45.000 pts, even if you wait a few days for the Store to refresh itself.

She will be your graveborn unit of the Crystal.

You can see on my account that Shemira is now in "Ascended" status, I will now buy Némora to get 4 and thus level up my representative of the Wilder family in "Ascended".

D - Challenger Store ;


The strategy is less obvious here and will be highly dependent on your Hero draws.

Fortunately for us, it is possible to buy a character by faction here. In my case, I focused on Fawkes since it is part of my 2 Lightbearer in my resonating crystal.

In principle, you will have to buy one of the 4 units except Athalia and Ezizh that will not bring you anything for your Crystal.

As an exception, if you have been extremely lucky on one of these two units, it might be interesting to focus on them at the risk of getting a little behind in your Resonating Crystal and therefore in the Global level of your units.

 I hope these tips will help you optimize your choices in AFK Arena to build as quickly as possible 5 powerful Heroes that will strengthen all of your heroes automatically.