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Are you also a victim of Fawkes and his coffin ? Are you also annoyed when he sends your Shemira into the Netherworld ? Don't worry we have some tips for you.

At the beginning of the battle, you have a few seconds before Fawkes starts using his third skill (confine) that will put your best character out of the fight for a few second. Therefore this character is very frequently used in arena defense team.

However some character with a fast "knock out ability" can prevent him from using this skill. The two best character for that are :

- Athalia : you need to place her in the opposite position of Fawkes. At the beginning of the battle she will fly across the field and hit Fawkes a few time, preventing him from attacking / using skills and making him useless. If you have a strong Athalia she might even be able to kill him really fast, making it a 5 vs 4 fight.

- Nara : the best hero to counter Fawkes (according to me). In the first few seconds of the fight she will catch Fawkes and smash him with a few hit, making him lose around 30-40% of his HP. Since i've been using her, i don't even have to worry about Fawkes and his coffin anymore and the only thing you need to do is placing Nara in front of him.

Such strategy is also useful against other "crowd control" characters, such as Arden with his "groots" skill or even to prevent an ennemy Silvina from attacking your mages.

Here is an exemple of an arena battle :

IMG 2043.PNG
IMG 2044.PNG
IMG 2040.PNG

Image 1 : Nara is in front of Fawkes

Fawkes start using his skills on Shemira (here hidden inside the blue hand)

Image 2 : Nara catches Fawkes and therefore interrupt his skill and attack

Image 3 : Shemira is still there and Fawkes is now ready to be smashed by Nara's skills