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Heroes of Esperia is a recurring event consisting of fighting against other players worldwide in AFK Arena.

Much like the Arena of Heroes, players will fight in a PvP battle where the attacking player will fight against the defending the player. The winner of the battle will earn trophy points, while the loser will lose a certain amount of points.


To those that flee comes neither power nor glory, yet even the bravest warriors are frightened by sudden terrors.

For eons, when a conflict would arise on Esperia, her people could expect massive losses of both life and property. Farms and villages burned, families and friends torn from one another. Widows and orphans were made in the thousands by the end of each new day. No matter the reason for the conflict, the results were always the same: Homes and hopes and dreams destroyed. It was the twins, Lailah and Elijah, who decided to put an end to this scale of destruction. Descending from above, they devised a new way for the mortals to settle their differences when words failed.

Rather than armies clashing on the field, leaving tribes and cities depopulated, a few elite fighters from each side will meet in the arena. For transparency, any of Esperia's people are allowed to come and spectate, cheering on their own champions and watching as history unfolds and legends are made.


The tower in the Legends division.

In Heroes of Esperia, there are 6 separate league divisions (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, and Legend). Each division rankings are determined by the amount of trophy points a player acquires for every battle won against the opposing player. When a player reaches a certain amount of trophies, that players will get promoted to a higher division league or get promoted to a new one. However, a player may be demoted if they face defeat, or lost against the defending player.

When players reach the Masters league, they will have an opportunity to fight against challengers in the Legends league. If succeeded, then the player in the Master league will replace the defendant spot in the Legends league. Trophies are not affected regardless of the players outcome. In the Legends league, players may fight against other players in the Legends League to improve their placement in the competition, however those in a low rank of the Legends league may be demoted to Masters league.

Players who have entered the event for the first time within the start of the season will be placed in a division based on their martial ratings.

Players will be required to field more team formations the higher their league standing rises. The player with the most victorious teams will win the matchup. Players can press the 'Formation' button to arrange their defensive formations, and each formation must contain at least one hero, as empty formations will be dealt an automatic loss.

Heroes in combat will be affected by Fortitude's Will and Horn of Inspiration effects.

Horn of Inspiration: Allied heroes who receive healing will have their received damage reduced for the following 10 seconds by 20%. During this time, if the allied hero uses a control effect on an enemy, the affected enemy will receive 20% more damage for the following 8 seconds and be unable to receive any Energy. This effect cannot be stacked.

Fortitude's Will: Only available in Legend and Master League. If the total Combat Rating of all the allied teams is higher than the enemy's by a certain multiple, the allied team's damage output is increased, and they also gain additional Tenacity and Crit Rating Attributes.

Star Convergence

Placing specific Classes of Heroes on the battlefield will grant a unique bonus to all of the player's heroes, as well as the enemies' heroes.

The following table details the bonus each class provides:

Image Class Source/Description
Warrior Every 1 Warrior class hero on the battlefield increases the Attack Rating of all heroes (including enemies) on the battlefield by 8% the first time their health falls below 50%. This effect can be stacked 5 times and lasts for 5 seconds.
Tank (Class).png
Tank Every 1 Tank class hero on the battlefield grants all heroes ( including enemies) a shield equal to 250% of their own Attack Ratings the first time their health falls below 50%. This shield can reach a maximum of 1250% of its own Attack Ratings and lasts for 5 seconds.
Ranger Every 1 Ranger class hero on the battlefield increases the Haste of all heroes (including enemies) by 10 points while their health is above 80%. This effect can reach a maximum of 50 points and will last for the whole duration of the battle.
Mage For every 1  Mage class hero on the battlefield, allied heroes (excluding the Ultimate ability caster) will receive 80 Energy points when an ally uses their Ultimate ability.
Support For every 1 Support class hero on the battlefield, each surviving ally will have their Health Regeneration increased by 15%, which can be increased up to a maximum of 75%. This effect will last for the whole duration of the battle.

League Divisions

There are currently twenty leagues to be in and six different divisions. (from lowest to highest)

Bronze (0-2349)

  • Bronze V
  • Bronze IV
  • Bronze III
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze I

Silver (2351-4699)

  • Silver V
  • Silver IV
  • Silver III
  • Silver II
  • Silver I

Gold (4700-7049)

  • Gold V
  • Gold IV
  • Gold III
  • Gold II
  • Gold I

Diamond (7050-9999)

  • Diamond III
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond I

Master (10000)

  • Master

Legend (Rank 1-500)

  • Legend

Event Rewards

Players who have move to a new league within the amount of trophies achieved will received small rewards such as gold, hero's essence, hero's EXP, and emblems.

Regardless of where the players has place in the event, the lowest ranked players will receive a minimum of 60 Rare Soulstones and the highest ranked players will receive a maximum of 120 Elite Soulstones. Those who have reached the Diamond League will also receive Honor Experience in which these rewards will help you unlock new frames every season the event has played.

There are only a certain amount of single battle rewards that can be acquired daily. Once these rewards have all been claimed players will not be able to claim any more single battle rewards on that day.

As of May 2020, it is only possible to receive up to the Champion Frame, if a player has reached the Legends League three times in a row.

Fortune Chests

Players that obtain a top 500 rank on the Heroes of Esperia leaderboard shall win a fortune chest that contains large amounts of diamonds. Guilds can obtain a maximum of one fortune chest per season. If multiple guild members obtain a Heroes of Esperia rank, the fortune chest will be based upon the highest ranked member.

The following table details the amount of diamonds that can be earned at specific ranks:

Required Rank Rewards
Legendary 1-100 35000 Diamonds
Legendary 101-300 21000 Diamonds
Legendary 301-500 14000 Diamonds

Avatar Frames

Frames can be claimed by earning specific amounts of League Points throughout the event.

The following table lists the requirements for each frame:

Name Image Source/Description
Brawler Frame
N avatar frame champion 1.png
Reaching 50 League Points at the end of the season.
Warrior Frame
Heroes of Esperia - Warrior Frame.png
Reaching 200 League Points at the end of the season.
Elite Frame
Heroes of Esperia - Elite Frame.png
Reaching 1,000 League Points at the end of the season.
Champion Frame
Heroes of Esperia - Champion Frame.png
Reaching 2,000 League Points at the end of the season.
Conqueror Frame
Heroes of Esperia - Conqueror Frame.png
Reaching 5,000 League Points at the end of the season.
Supreme Frame
Heroes of Esperia - Supreme Frame.png
Reaching 10,000 League Points at the end of the season.


Medals are a seasonal reward that expires after 62 days. They are earned based on the player's position on the Heroes of Esperia Leaderboard.

The following table details specific requirements:

Appearance Name Requirement
L Champion's Resplendence.png
L Resplendence Mini.png
Legendary Champion's Resplendence Rank within the Top 500 on the final Heroes of Esperia leaderboard to acquire.
M Champion's Resplendence.png
M Resplendence Mini.png
Mythic Champion's Resplendence Rank within the Top 300 on the final Heroes of Esperia leaderboard to acquire.
A Champion's Resplendence.png
A Resplendence Mini.png
Ascended Champion's Resplendence Rank within the Top 100 on the final Heroes of Esperia leaderboard to acquire.


  • The max amount of trophies a player can achieve is 10001.
  • Starting on May 2020, the event had an adjustment for the division of players based on their current martial rating to make things more balanced.
  • When there is only little to no players in a certain league, there are a certain amount of Mystery Players that can be attacked based on where they stand in the division.