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The hero section is located in the bar below, next to the campaign page. From this one can access two tabs: Heroes and Portraits.


In the Heroes section all the heroes the player owns are shown. Heroes are characters the player can use in order to progress and participate in events, arena, and all other activities revolving the game. Heroes can be leveled up and equipped with gear and artifacts. They also possess skills unique to themselves which allows for a good synergy among other heroes.

All heroes belong to a faction, and are further distinguished with a Class, Type, and Role of their own. However, heroes below mythic ascension lack a class altogether and instead possess two roles: a primary and a secondary.

The portraits of the heroes have frames of different colors based on their rarity:

Green Common
Blue Rare Rare+
Violet Elite Elite+
Yellow Legendary Lengendary+
Red Mythic Mythic+
Silver Ascended

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Moreover if at the corners of the box there are two inserts it means that the hero will be a plus (for example elite plus, legendary plus). Common heroes cannot be ascended, they will always remain common even though they can level up to level 100. All Elite or higher heroes can be ascended through the building called the Temple of Ascension, the level of ascension determines the maximum level that can reach a hero.

If there is a red exclamation mark on the portrait of a hero it means that you have better equipment that can be assigned to that hero. At the bottom of the page there is a bar with which you can only see the heroes of a particular faction by clicking on the faction symbol.

Clicking on a hero leads to his personal page where the rarity and class are shown above; the gear worn. Lower down in a box is shown level, life, attack and defense; clicking on the diamond with the exclamation point you access the tab that shows all the features in addition to those already shown: Crit Rating, Accuracy, Dodge, Haste , Recovery, Magic Resist, Physical Resist, Life Leech.

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At the bottom of the page you can access the union story and the skills, by clicking on the latter the hero's skills are shown instead of the equipment, by clicking on the individual skills you can read a description and the level necessary to unlock further upgrades.


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The portraits page shows all the heroes in the game divided according to the maximum degree of ascension they can reach. Clicking on a portrait you can see the hero's card and his abilities. At the bottom of the screen there is the Test Hero button with which you can try the hero chosen in battle and the union story. The heroes we own are shown with a colorful portrait and for each new hero going to the Union Story section we will find a story about the hero's past and we can receive 100 diamonds.

Hero List

All usable heroes are listed below.

Lightbearer.png Lightbearers

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended Uhlan.jpg Estrilda - Knight Of Valor Strength.png
Ascended Priest.jpg Belinda - Beam Of Hope Intelligence.png
Ascended NBH2.jpg Raine - Death's Denier Agility.png
Ascended Rosaline.jpg Rosaline - The Kind Intelligence.png
Ascended OK.jpg Lucius - Lightbringer Strength.png
Ascended SwordMaster.jpg Thane - The Exalted Agility.png
Ascended DevilHunter.jpg Fawkes - Death's Defeat Agility.png
Ascended GK.jpg Hendrik - The Defender Strength.png
Ascended Rowan Icon.png Rowan - The Roamer Intelligence.png
Ascended Longbow.jpg Gwyneth - The Fair Maiden Strength.png
Ascended Wino.jpg Rigby - The Brewmaster Strength.png
Ascended NunAssassin.jpg Cecilia - Purger of Sins Agility.png
Ascended HouseKeeper.jpg Oscar - The True Gentleman Agility.png
Legendary+ General.jpg Hogan - Knight Of The Kingdom Strength.png
Legendary+ Bard.jpg Angelo - Song Of Dawn Intelligence.png
Legendary+ Musketeer.jpg Morvus - The Far Stalker Agility.png
Legendary+ Lina.jpg Mirael - The Burning Light Intelligence.png
Common HumanPriest.jpg Merek Intelligence.png
Common HumanTrident.jpg Ulric Strength.png

Mauler.png Maulers

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended LionJugg.jpg Brutus - The Blood Claw Strength.png
Ascended Troll.jpg Khasos - The Unruly Strength.png
Ascended Mouse.jpg Vurk - The Devious Agility.png
Ascended WD.jpg Numisu - The All Seer Intelligence.png
Ascended Bear.jpg Warek - The Untamed Strength.png
Ascended Mag.jpg Skreg - The Cunning Strength.png
Ascended NOD.jpg Safiya - Daughter of the Desert Intelligence.png
Ascended Satrana Icon.jpg Satrana - Flame Weaver Intelligence.png
Ascended Valkyrie.jpg Antandra - Desert Fury Agility.png
Ascended Tidus Icon.jpg Tidus - Shadowmane Agility.png
Ascended Skriath Icon.jpg Skriath - The Wise One Intelligence.png
Ascended Anoki Icon.jpg Anoki - The Blood Guard Strength.png
Ascended Drez Icon.jpg Drez - The Quicksand Recluse Agility.png
Legendary+ Spider.jpg Ankhira - Deceptive Beauty Intelligence.png
Legendary+ CW.jpg Golus - The Bladestorm Strength.png
Legendary+ Huskar.jpg Saveas - Strongheart Agility.png
Common OrcJackalTank.jpg Bloodsnarl Strength.png
Common OrcBatmaster.jpg Arkadios Intelligence.png

Wilder.png Wilders

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended Yeanling.jpg Nemora - Nature's Heart Intelligence.png
Ascended CatAssassin.jpg Kaz - Hand Of The Wood Agility.png
Ascended POM.jpg Lyca - Keeper Of Glades Agility.png
Ascended TD.jpg Ulmus - Aldermarrow Strength.png
Ascended Turtle.jpg Gorvo - The Indomitable Strength.png
Ascended ElfSaber.jpg Eironn - Stormsword Agility.png
Ascended Puck.jpg Tasi - Dreamhopper Intelligence.png
Ascended TH.jpg Seirus - Savior of the Sea Strength.png
Ascended BunnyMaster.jpg Lorsan - Wind Whisperer Intelligence.png
Ascended NT.jpg Solise - The Floral Wonder Intelligence.png
Ascended Lizard.jpg Saurus - The Risen Warrior Strength.png
Legendary+ DR.jpg Ira - Agility Of The Forest Agility.png
Legendary+ Titan.jpg Ogi - Nature's Strength Strength.png
Legendary+ OakSage.jpg Arden - Nature's Voice Intelligence.png
Common Treant.jpg Dreaf Intelligence.png
Common ElfLancer.jpg Eletha Strength.png

Graveborn.png Graveborns

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended DK.jpg Grezhul - The Corrupted Strength.png
Ascended NDP.jpg Shemira - The Corpsemaker Intelligence.png
Ascended Mystic.jpg Oden - Bitterblight Intelligence.png
Ascended Wizard.jpg Isabella - The Taken Soul Intelligence.png
Ascended BoneArcher.jpg Ferael - Doomwhisper Agility.png
Ascended SNK.jpg Thoran - The Fallen King Strength.png
Ascended Revenger.jpg Kelthur - Plaguegrip Agility.png
Ascended Pudge.jpg Nara - Heartcarver Strength.png
Ascended GhostSaber.jpg Baden - The Abomination


Ascended Izold Icon.jpg Izold - The Forgotten Champion Strength.png
Ascended Torne Icon.jpg Torne - The Wandering Corsair Strength.png
Ascended DKid.jpg Daimon - The Forsaken Child Strength.png
Ascended Phantom.jpg Theowyn - The Wailing Widow Agility.png
Ascended Silas - Augmented Death Intelligence.png
Legendary+ NEC.jpg Niru - The Whispering Doom Intelligence.png
Legendary+ SilverAssassin.jpg Silvina - The Taken Breath Agility.png
Legendary+ NFlood.jpg Vedan - The Demise Agility.png
Common UDTank.jpg Steixius Strength.png
Common UDSword.jpg Sezis Strength.png

Celestial.png Celestials

Rarity Icon Name Class


GodA.jpg Athalia - Harbinger of Justice Agility.png
Ascended TwinsB.jpg Elijah & Lailah - Celestial Twins Intelligence.png
Ascended Spring.jpg Flora - The Serene Promise Intelligence.png
Ascended TimeG.jpg Orthros - The Seer of Origins Strength.png
Ascended Phoenix.jpg Talene - The Rising Phoenix Agility.png
Ascended WuKong Icon.jpg Wu Kong - The Monkey King Strength.png

Hypogean.png Hypogeans

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended Bane.jpg Ezizh - Hellborn Strength.png
Ascended Mehira.jpg Mehira - The Mind Cager Intelligence.png
Ascended DT.jpg Zolrath - Voidbinder Agility.png
Ascended IceD.jpg Khazard - The Frozen Terror Intelligence.png
Ascended Fat.jpg Mezoth - Abysmal Butcher Strength.png

Dimensional.png Dimensionals

Rarity Icon Name Class
Ascended Arthur.jpg Arthur - Pendragon Strength.png
Ascended Nakoruru.jpg Nakoruru - Nature's Guardian Agility.png
Ascended UKYO.jpg Ukyo - Wandering Swordsman Agility.png
Ascended Ezio.jpg Ezio - Auditore da Firenze Agility.png


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