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In addition to a Class and Role, all Heroes have a primary type to distinguish from. There are currently three hero typings: intelligence, strength, and agility.

Hero Types


Strength-based heroes are adept at dealing physical damage to their adversaries. These types of heroes are usually of the warrior or tank class, but this is not always the case.

Strength-based Heroes

Rarity Icon Name Faction
Ascended Albedo portrait.jpg Albedo - The Pure-White Devil Dimensional.png
Ascended Anoki Icon.jpg Anoki - The Blood Guard Mauler.png
Ascended Arthur.jpg Arthur - Pendragon Dimensional.png
Ascended LionJugg.jpg Brutus - The Blood Claw Mauler.png
Ascended DKid.jpg Daimon - The Forsaken Child Graveborn.png
Ascended Uhlan.jpg Estrilda - Knight of Valor Lightbearer.png
Ascended Bane.jpg Ezizh - Hellborn Hypogean.png
Ascended Turtle.jpg Gorvo - The Indomitable Wilder.png
Ascended Stone.jpg Granit - Desert's Stone Mauler.png
Ascended DK.jpg Grezhul - The Corrupted Graveborn.png
Ascended Longbow.jpg Gwyneth - The Fair Maiden Lightbearer.png
Ascended GK.jpg Hendrik - The Defender Lightbearer.png
Ascended Captain.jpg Hodgkin- The Reviled Captain Graveborn.png
Ascended Izold Icon.jpg Izold - The Forgotten Champion Graveborn.png
Ascended Troll.jpg Khasos - The Unruly Mauler.png
Ascended OK.jpg Lucius- Lightbringer Lightbearer.png
Ascended Fat.jpg Mezoth - Abysmal Butcher Hypogean.png
Ascended BDruid.jpg Mishka - The Wild Child Wilder.png
Ascended Pudge.jpg Nara - Heartcarver Graveborn.png
Ascended DruidMaster.jpg Oku - Ironfist Wilder.png
Ascended TimeG.jpg Orthros - The Seer of Origins Celestial.png
Ascended Queen.jpg QUEEN - Courageous Tactician Dimensional.png
Ascended Wino.jpg Rigby - The Brewmaster Lightbearer.png
Ascended Lizard.jpg Saurus - The Risen Warrior Wilder.png
Ascended TH.jpg Seirus - Savior of the Sea Wilder.png
Ascended Mag.jpg Skreg - The Cunning Mauler.png
Ascended SNK.jpg Thoran - The Fallen King Graveborn.png
Ascended Golem.jpg Titus - Guardian of the Mountains Celestial.png
Ascended Torne Icon.jpg Torne - The Wandering Corsair Graveborn.png
Ascended TD.jpg Ulmus - Aldermarrow Wilder.png
Ascended Gunner.jpg Walker - The Lone Ranger Lightbearer.png
Ascended Bear.jpg Warek - The Untamed Mauler.png
Ascended WuKong Icon.jpg Wu Kong - The Monkey King Celestial.png
Legendary+ CW.jpg Golus - The Bladestorm Mauler.png
Legendary+ General.jpg Hogan - Knight of the Kingdom Lightbearer.png
Legendary+ Titan.jpg Ogi - Nature's Strength Wilder.png
Common OrcJackalTank.jpg Bloodsnarl Mauler.png
Common ElfLancer.jpg Eletha Lightbearer.png
Common UDSword.jpg Sezis Graveborn.png
Common UDTank.jpg Steixius Graveborn.png
Common HumanTrident.jpg Ulric Lightbearer.png


Intelligence-based heroes use spells to deal magic damage to their opponents. Although these types of heroes are usually supports or mages, they may sometimes fall under a different class.

Intelligence-based Heroes

Rarity Icon Name Faction
Ascended Anz.jpg Ainz Ooal Gown - Magic Caster Dimensional.png
Ascended Astar Icon.jpg Astar - The Brilliant Flame Wilder.png
Ascended Priest.jpg Belinda - Beam of Hope Lightbearer.png
Ascended Desira Icon.jpg Desira - The Sinister Siren Graveborn.png
Ascended TwinsB.jpg Elijah & Lailah - The Celestial Twins Celestial.png
Ascended Eluard-Icon.jpg Eluard - Protector of Souls Lightbearer.png
Ascended SBane.jpg Ezizh - Lord of Nightmares Hypogean.png
Ascended Spring.jpg Flora - The Serene Promise Celestial.png
Ascended Artisan.jpg Haelus - The Crafter Celestial.png
Ascended Wizard.jpg Isabella - The Taken Soul Graveborn.png
Ascended IceD.jpg Khazard - The Frozen Terror Hypogean.png
Ascended Leofric.jpg Leofric - The Malevolent Menace Hypogean.png
Ascended Leonardo.jpeg Leonardo - da Vinci Dimensional.png
Ascended BunnyMaster.jpg Lorsan - Wind Whisperer Wilder.png
Ascended Mehira.jpg Mehira - The Mind Cager Hypogean.png
Ascended Babayaga.jpg Melusina- Baba Yaga Dimensional.png
Ascended Merlin Icon.png Merlin - Seer of Destiny Dimensional.png
Ascended Morael Icon.jpg Morael - Queen of Stars Celestial.png
Ascended DevilMage.jpg Morrow - The Dark Crow Lightbearer.png
Ascended Yeanling.jpg Nemora - Nature's Heart Wilder.png
Ascended WD.jpg Numisu - The All Seer Mauler.png
Ascended Mystic.jpg Oden- Bitterblight Graveborn.png
Ascended Peggy.jpg Peggy - The Precious Pearl Lightbearer.png
Ascended Pippa portrait.jpg Pippa - The Muddled Magician Wilder.png
Ascended Rosaline.jpg Rosaline - The Kind Lightbearer.png
Ascended Rowan Icon.png Rowan - The Roamer Lightbearer.png
Ascended NOD.jpg Safiya- Daughter of the Desert Mauler.png
Ascended Satrana Icon.jpg Satrana - Flame Weaver Mauler.png
Ascended BM.jpg Scarlet - The Arcane Shadow Lightbearer.png
Ascended NDP.jpg Shemira - The Corpsemaker Graveborn.png
Ascended Silas.jpg Silas - Augmented Death Graveborn.png
Ascended Skriath Icon.jpg Skriath - The Wise One Mauler.png
Ascended NT.jpg Solise - The Floral Wonder Wilder.png
Ascended Puck.jpg Tasi - Dreamhopper Wilder.png
Ascended SPhoenix.jpg Talene - The Resurging Flame Celestial.png
Ascended CrazyFox.jpg Thali - Maniacal Mage Mauler.png
Ascended SnakeMan.jpg Thesku - The Serpent Charmer Mauler.png
Ascended Zaphrael.jpeg Zaphrael - The Righteous Celestial.png
Legendary+ Bard.jpg Angelo - Song of Dawn Lightbearer.png
Legendary+ Spider.jpg Ankhira- Deceptive Beauty Mauler.png
Legendary+ OakSage.jpg Arden - Nature's Voice Wilder.png
Legendary+ Lina.jpg Mirael- The Burning Light Lightbearer.png
Legendary+ NEC.jpg Niru - The Whispering Doom Graveborn.png
Common OrcBatmaster.jpg Arkadios Mauler.png
Common Treant.jpg Dreaf Wilder.png
Common HumanPriest.jpg Merek Lightbearer.png


Agility-based heroes deal physical damage like strength-based heroes do, however they don't deal as much and instead rely on speed and dodging in a fight. These types of heroes are usually classified as assassins or supports, but not always.

Agility-based Heroes

Rarity Icon Name Faction
Ascended Scout.jpg Alaro - Desert's Eye Mauler.png
Ascended Alna portrait.jpg Alna - The Frozen Mother Celestial.png
Ascended Valkyrie.jpg Antandra - Desert Fury Mauler.png
Ascended GodA.jpg Athalia - Harbringer of Justice Celestial.png
Ascended AstroR.jpg Audrae - The Chaotic Star Celestial.png
Ascended GhostSaber.jpg Baden - The Abomination Graveborn.png
Ascended NunAssassin.jpg Cecilia - Purger of Sins Lightbearer.png
Ascended Drez Icon.jpg Drez - The Quicksand Recluse Mauler.png
Ascended ElfSaber.jpg Eironn - Stormsword Wilder.png
Ascended Ezio.jpg Ezio - Auditore da Firenze Dimensional.png
Ascended Gaoler.jpg Fane - The Wicked Warden Graveborn.png
Ascended DevilHunter.jpg Fawkes - Death's Defeat Lightbearer.png
Ascended BoneArcher.jpg Ferael - Doomwhisper Graveborn.png
Ascended FP.jpg Framton - Devourer of Flames Hypogean.png
Ascended Joker.jpg JOKER - Leader of Few Words Dimensional.png
Ascended CatAssassin.jpg Kaz - Hand of the Wood Wilder.png
Ascended Revenger.jpg Kelthur - Plaguegrip Graveborn.png
Ascended TechMouse.jpg Kren - The Fanatical Mauler.png
Ascended Lucretia.jpg Lucretia - The Betrayed Hypogean.png
Ascended POM.jpg Lyca - Keeper of Glades Wilder.png
Ascended Mortas.jpg Mortas - The Insidious Hypogean.png
Ascended Nakoruru.jpg Nakoruru - Nature's Guardian Dimensional.png
Ascended HouseKeeper.jpg Oscar - The True Gentleman Lightbearer.png
Ascended POP.jpg Prince of Persia - King of Blades Dimensional.png
Ascended NBH2.jpg Raine - Death's Denier Lightbearer.png
Ascended Raku.jpg Raku - The Rascal Wilder.png
Ascended Respen Icon.jpg Respen - The Windchild Wilder.png
Ascended Phoenix.jpg Talene - The Rising Phoenix Celestial.png
Ascended SwordMaster.jpg Thane - The Exalted Lightbearer.png
Ascended Phantom.jpg Theowyn - The Wailing Widow Graveborn.png
Ascended Tidus Icon.jpg Tidus - Shadowmane Mauler.png
Ascended CKnight.jpg Treznor - The Aggrieved Graveborn.png
Ascended UKYO.jpg Ukyo - Wandering Swordsman Dimensional.png
Ascended Mouse.jpg Vurk - The Devious Mauler.png
Ascended LazyD.jpg Zikis - The Languid link-Hypogean
Ascended DT.jpg Zolrath - Voidbinder Hypogean.png
Legendary+ DR.jpg Ira - Rogue of the Forest Wilder.png
Legendary+ Musketeer.jpg Morvus - The Far Stalker Lightbearer.png
Legendary+ Huskar.jpg Saveas - Strongheart Mauler.png
Legendary+ SilverAssassin.jpg Silvina - The Taken Breath Graveborn.png
Legendary+ NFlood.jpg Vedan - The Demise Graveborn.png