Hero Coins are currencies in AFK Arena. You can get Hero Coins in the Rickety Cart from retiring Common(green) tier heroes and as a reward in various events.

You can retire heroes manually or change the switch in the Rickety Cart to retire them automatically. For retiring single Common hero you will get 160 Hero Coins.

You can spend Hero Coins in the Barracks Store, where you can buy 60 Elite Soulstones for 18000 Hero Coins, 60 Rare Soulstones for 2400 coins; Angelo, Ankhira, Ogi or Niru for 4800 Hero Coins each, and Twisted Essence for 10000 coins (for 100 Twisted Essence), 20000 coins (for 200 Twisted Essence), 30000 coins (for 300 Twisted Essence), or 100000 coins (for 1000 Twisted Essence).

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