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Hero's Essence (commonly referred to as Dust) is an essential substance needed to level up your heroes and then your Resonating Crystal. You will need this resource for some certain hero levels (the ones giving your hero skill upgrades, e.g. 81, 121, 201) and after leveling 5 heroes to level 240, you will need hero essence for every level of Resonating Crystal.

While there are copious methods to get some Essence or purple dust, as players call it, most of the time you will be missing great amounts of the Hero's Essence.

For example, you will need 30,000 pieces of Hero's Essence to level a single hero to Lv. 201. Because of that is really important for your progress to acquire the Essence and plan its spending.

You can find the amounts you will need to level your heroes below:

Hero Level Amount of Hero's Essence needed
1 10DustIconS.jpg
21 40DustIconS.jpg
41 100DustIconS.jpg
61 250DustIconS.jpg
81 500DustIconS.jpg
101 1200DustIconS.jpg
121 3000DustIconS.jpg
141 6000DustIconS.jpg
161 12000DustIconS.jpg
181 25000DustIconS.jpg
201 30000DustIconS.jpg
221 40000DustIconS.jpg

That sums up to 118 100 Hero's Essence total to level up your hero to level 240.

Sources of Hero's Essence

Hero's Essence items

Hero's Essence producing items

You can obtain various items that grant Hero's Essence. They give you a certain amount of the Essence equal to your per hour production. There are various types of these items e.g. 2h hours small piles of Essence, 6 hours small piles or 8 hours large crates.

While the amount you can get from them will increase with your campaign progress and it will be greater the longer you wait, you should not hesitate and use them when you will be blocked by a stop of your progression. This because potential progress could grant you more Essence than the increase from the items would.

You should also remember, that your VIP Rank doesn't influence the amount of Essence these items produce.

Bounty Board

Bounty Board with Hero's Essence bounties

A player can get a great amount of the Essence from the Bounty Board bounties. For example, a mythic tier Essence bounty can give you 500 pieces of the Essence!

The increasing level of your Bounty Board helps with acquiring more high-level bounties. Besides that, important thing to do is refreshing your Bounty Board to get more quests with Essence as a reward. By doing that you can get 1000+ pieces of the Essence daily for a mere price od 100 - 200 Diamonds!


Buying the Essence for Gold daily can be a way to give you steady progress with your Essence number. If you have some more expendable amounts of Gold you can refresh the store for 100 (or more, it increases with consequential refreshes) Diamonds and buy even more Essence.

However, I advise against buying the Essence for Diamonds. You can refresh the store twice for 200 Diamonds and buy 1500 Essence for Gold, while you can buy only 500 Essence for 300 Diamonds.

Remember to buy the Essence daily in the store whenever you have some excess gold!

Arcane Labyrinth and Labyrinth stores

Hero's Essence offers in the Labyrinth Store

While conquering the Arcane Labyrinth you will be awarded some Essence-producing items, they will help you gather more Essence. Besides that, you can find a trader to buy some Essence for Diamonds, but the price isn't especially cheap, so use it as a last resort.

Other than that you can buy Hero's Essence in the Labyrinth Store for the Labyrinth Tokens. While for new players the best thing is to buy heroes (Shemira maybe?) in the Labyrinth store, buying Essence offers is a good way to acquire more of this purple dust.

King's Tower and Towers of Esperia

Hero's Essence rewards in the Towers of Esperia

During your climb in the Towers, you can obtain some Essence as a reward. While King's Tower levels award you with rather tiny amounts of the Essence, the certain levels of the factional Towers can give you substantial amounts of the Essence while conquering them.

Merchants and Limited offers

You can also buy Hero's Essence in the Gift Store or as a part of the Limited offers.

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