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This Gwyneth usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.67.

Hero Usage Guide

Recommended Teams

There are three core aspects of Gwyneth's skillset to consider when building a team around her:

  • Most of the effects stack on top of her basic attack, so anything that will improve her basic attack speed/power will benefit her.
  • Her lightning arrows spread damage vertically, so being able to push enemies in line with each other is going to help that damage spread. To achieve proper damage spread, Gwyneth is primarily a center backline hero - if she's at the top it won't spread all the way down to the bottom enemy.
  • It's important to consider her positioning in tandem with her allies and her enemies. Gwyneth's stats will increase when she's further away from enemies and she'll gain boosts when close to her allies.

Keeping these things in mind, there are still many compositions that will work with Gwyneth. The following teams are the two most commons ones:

Standard Gwyneth/Arthur Team

This team makes use of Arthur to buff Gwyneth's basic attack damage and speed.

Hendrik can be replaced with Estrilda as needed, and the upper backline ally can be dependent on who is on the opposing team. Ferael can be brought in for more control or Lorsan can be brought in for his link ability if there is trouble getting damage spread on the enemies

Hero Position Team Synergy

Upper Backline Numisu can be brought in for healing and extra haste to Gwyneth

Center Backline

Lower Backline Rosaline can follow Gwyneth around to provide the extra buff from her signature item and overall increase her damage.

Upper Frontline Arthur compliments Gwyneth well by buffing her basic attack speed and damage, allowing for her to stack effects.

He will ideally have +30 unlocks to his signature item so that he can run into battle while the area behind him buffs his teammates. This will allow Gwyneth to deal extra damage with her basic attacks.


Lower Frontline By being placed in the frontline, Hendrik can knock back opposing frontline enemies into the backlines to allow for Gwyneth's lightning arrows to strike them. This will stun and interrupt the enemies for them to be burst down.

Burst Composition Team

This composition allows Gwyneth to use her burst damage and control to overpower an enemy team.

Zolrath can be replaced with Estrilda as needed.

Hero Position Team Synergy

Upper Backline She provides Haste buffs to add to her teammates effects.

Center Backline

Lower Backline Zolrath will slow the enemies' entry into the battlefield, with his passive skill being strong in conjunction with Eironn.

Upper Frontline Lorsan will be used as a sacrifice, as his purpose is just to link the damage between enemies so that Gwyneth can deal more damage.

Lower Frontline Eironn will group enemies up which will allow for Gwyneth's lightning arrows to hit four enemies from her center backline placement.

Investment Worth

Arrows of Swiftness.png

Gwyneth can work well with zero investment in her furniture ability, since it just guarantees her some flaming lightning arrows - players can merely retry Campaign and King's Tower stages to obtain the flaming lightning arrows. However, if the player is focused primarily on PvP, the investment is worth it since it is not possible to retry a PvP match in the same manner.


Her signature item can sit comfortably at +20 unlocks as the ability allows her to get extra shots off with her arrows. To go a step further, +25 unlocks will also provide extra Haste to Gwyneth so that she can attack more often and buff her damage in the process.

Overall, it can be worth investing in Gwyneth as a hero since she does not require full investment costs to be useful.