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  • The Guild is an important social and functional aspect of the game that is the only function of the game that deals exclusively with daily Wrizz guild fights, as well as irregular guild fights against Soren which can only be unlocked through Guild Activity Points.

Levelling a Guild: Mechanics & Guild Activity Points

As you level up a guild, it requires an increasing amount of guild activity points to reach the next level! There is no other way to level up a guild other than having as many members be as active as possible!

It gets harder and harder to level up a guild!

Guild level up!

Every time you level up, 5 more members can join a guild at a time. This can help you reach the next guild level that much quicker if everyone contributes their daily 100 guild activity points which can be achieved by doing daily Quests!

Since it requires 9000 guild activity points to open Soren, some guilds may decide to hoard their points and only open Soren on certain days or open Soren multiple days in a row, which has proved important in past Events. Although there wasn't any such event since mid 2019 [1]  . 

Note that the maximum amount of guild deputies and guild emblems available to you also increase, which will be discussed more in the next section.

Higher Level Guilds & Increasing Incentives to Stay Active!

The more active guild deputies you have, the more active your guild will be!

A high-level guild is one indicator of an active and friendly guild. It is even more impressive if a guild has achieved a high level if the guild master is from a more recent server because it means they reached higher guild level faster than of those guilds that have started since the game's initial global launch.

Upon levelling up, the guild will gain access to more guild deputies. Guild deputies alongside the guild master will appear at the beginning of the member list, followed by members that are currently online, followed by members that are offline, descending the longer they've been offline.

Guild members
Guild Level Number of Guild Member Number of Guild Deputy Number of Guild Exemplar
1 30 ? ?
2 35 2 ?
3 40 2 ?
4 45 3 4
5 50 3 5
6 55 3 5
7 60 3 6
8 65 3 6
9 70 3 7

Due to the way that Guild Activity Points are gathered in the game, able to be collected by all players relatively easily, making sure that the guild master and deputies are active can set a fantastic example to the rest of the guild. Healthy amounts of activity and participation in the chat from the guild master and deputies can go a long way, compelling members that joined a guild from the very beginning or members that were only recently recruited to stick around for a while.

There are inherent incentives to stay active in a guild to increase its level, but it doesn't matter much how high level a guild is if nobody is active in it! Levelling up a guild is one reason to try to increase guild activity points, but it is also an indicator of an active and friendly guild for good reason; it needs a lot of active players to level up a guild, and it quickly takes months to level up a guild, even when all of its members are active!

As you level up the variety of guild portraits you have access to increase!

​​ Guild emblems can be one way to make a guild more enticing to join than other guilds and can show that a guild is of a high level.

Guild chats and guild objectives are available for people of all experience levels, looking for all kinds of playstyles and preferences - from regional solidarity or even trying for an international welcoming and acceptance of players from all around the world!

One of the most important aspects of keeping an active guild is not necessarily the guild emblem or level, however, that may help a little bit. Guild activity can be contributed to appropriate and successful advertising (in a general message to broadcast to chat channels and in a more personalised fashion with potential members in private messages). What can cause a guild to remain active rather than fall into inactive slumps after a few days is how well the guild master and deputies maintain a guild.

There is no reason to limit yourself to high-level players even if you aim for a high-level guild if newer players you bring into your guild are as active as everyone else! Consider accepting people of any experience level into your guild, people tend to appreciate the diverse guild chat environment and the friends they can make along the way!