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Guild activity points are rewarded to guild members and once collected they can be used by the Guild

Master and Guild Deputies. They can be viewed inside the Guild in Ranhorn on the top left of your screen just below the guild crest.

How to obtain them

Guild activity points are rewarded for every personal activity point a guild member earns. This means that every day every guild member can obtain up to 100 guild activity points by doing their daily quests and weekly quests. The cap is 100 per day, so if you obtain more than that, only 100 will be added to your guild.


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Guild activity points can be used to summon the guild boss Soren once the guild has reached more than 9000. They can be used by both the Guild Master and Guild Deputies.

They also can help you keep track of active and inactive players since you can see the past 7 days worth of points on your guild member list inside the Guild. A score of 700 points guarantees the player has been active daily for the past 7 days.

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