A guild is a feature available in Ranhorn where a group made up of players can participate in guild hunts and share their heroes for the Library Unions buffs and team bounty quests. Guilds are cross-server, so players in a guild may come from different servers.

A player may create a guild for the cost of 500 diamonds.

Players in a guild who complete daily quests will contribute to the guild, rewarding the guild with activity points, which can be spent for unlocking a special guild hunt that has better rewards.


Guild Store

The guild store is where a player can buy gear using guild coins. Better purchasable goods will be available by progressing through the campaign.

Team Hunting

This is a feature where players are allowed to fight a boss with any formation of heroes. Guild coins can be obtained by participating in team hunting. Players may participate in each guild hunt 2 times (3 times for VIP 6 players).

Currently there are two bosses available in team hunting: Wrizz and Soren.

Wrizz guildboss

Soren guildboss

The Twisted Realm

Main article: The Twisted Realm

The Twisted Realm is a feature that requires beating stage 12-40 to unlock. Players can fight various mini-bosses such as Kane and Demonic Entity to gain Twisted Essence. Diamonds can also be earned for everyone in the guild if any person in the guild reaches a Legend rank.



Dark Forest

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