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A guild is a feature available in Ranhorn after completing campaign Stage 2-20. Here, a group made up of players can participate in guild hunts and share their heroes for the Library Unions buffs and team bounty quests. Guilds are cross-server, so players in a guild may come from different servers.

A player may create a guild for the cost of 500 diamonds.

Players in a guild who complete daily quests will contribute to the guild, rewarding the guild with activity points, which can be spent for unlocking a special guild hunt that has better rewards. Activity points also allows the guild to grow and level up, which allows more members to join the guild.


Question Answer
How can I increase guild experience points? Will raising the guild level unlock any new functions? All guild members gain guild activity points and receive guild experience by completing daily quests. Raising the guild level will allow the guild to increase the guild activity points limit, the maximum number of members and Deputies a guild may have, as well as unlocking more guild icons. Guild activity points can also be used to open team hunting. Soren can be opened once every 9000 points of activity.
Is there a cooldown period for joining other guilds after quitting the former one? There is a cooldown period of one hour after quitting a guild. You can apply to join other guilds after one hour has passed.
Will I lose my Guild Coins if I leave my guild? Guild coins are bound to players and will not disappear after leaving the guild.
How do I acquire guild activity points? Points received by completing daily quests are simultaneously converted into guild activity points. Players can receive a maximum of 100 guild activity points per day.
Will the position of Guild Master be automatically transferred if he has not been online for a long time? If the Guild Master is not online for 72 hours, the position shall be transferred automatically as follows:

A. Seniority is transferred to the most active Guild Deputy active within the last 7 days.

B. If there is no Deputy or the Deputy activity is 0, seniority will be transferred to the guild member with the highest activity within the last 7 days.

C. If the activity value of all members is 0, it will be transferred to the first member that joined the guild.

How many Guild Deputies can be added? At present, a guild can have a maximum of three Guild Deputies.


Guild Store

The guild store is where a player can buy gear and mythic upgrade Stones using guild coins. Better purchasable goods will be available by progressing through the campaign.

Team Hunting

This is a feature where players are allowed to fight a boss with any formation of heroes. Guild coins can be obtained by participating in team hunting. Players may participate in each guild hunt 2 times (3 times for VIP 6 players).

Currently there are two bosses available in team hunting: Wrizz and Soren.

Wrizz guildboss

Soren guildboss

The Twisted Realm

Main article: The Twisted Realm

The Twisted Realm is a feature that requires beating stage 12-40 to unlock. Players can fight various mini-bosses such as Kane and Demonic Entity to gain Twisted Essence. Diamonds can also be earned for everyone in the guild if any person in the guild reaches a Legend rank.



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