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Gouldos is the final boss of the Abyssal Expedition. His unique battle mechanic, "Insanity", debuffs and charms his opponents.




Name Icon Description
Devourer Skill 1.png
Enemies deal 12% less damage to Gouldos for every 1 layer of "Insanity" that is affecting them. Once an enemy is affected by 5 layers of "Insanity", they will turn sides and fight for Gouldos until the end of the battle.
Mental Erosion
Devourer Skill 2.png
Deals damage to the 3 enemies which possess the highest amount of Tenacity and also adds 1 layer of "Insanity" to the enemies. The Tenacity effect has the ability mitigate the "Insanity" effect. 1 layer of "Insanity" is inflicted upon Gouldos' enemies for every 25 of his insight points that exceed the amount of his enemies' Tenacity points.
Writhing Appendages
Devourer Skill 3.png
Gouldos manifests 2 tentacles onto the battlefield that are attackable and controllable. Tentacles are able to inflict damage on enemies, if the tentacle expends 500 of its own energy points, 1 layer of the "Insanity" effect will be inflicted upon nearby enemies.

Official Art


  • His appearance and skills are very similar to the creature who turned Khazard into hypogean.