Gouldos is the final boss of the Abyssal Expedition. His unique battle mechanic, "Insanity", debuffs and charms his opponents.




Name Icon Description
Derangement Enemies deal 12% less damage to Gouldos for every 1 layer of "Insanity" that is affecting them. Once an enemy is affected by 5 layers of "Insanity", they will turn sides and fight for Gouldos until the end of the battle.
Mental Erosion Deals damage to the 3 enemies which possess the highest amount of Tenacity and also adds 1 layer of "Insanity" to the enemies. The Tenacity effect has the ability mitigate the "Insanity" effect. 1 layer of "Insanity" is inflicted upon Gouldos' enemies for every 25 of his insight points that exceed the amount of his enemies' Tenacity points.
Writhing Appendages Gouldos manifests 2 tentacles onto the battlefield that are attackable and controllable. Tentacles are able to inflict damage on enemies, if the tentacle expends 500 of its own energy points, 1 layer of the "Insanity" effect will be inflicted upon nearby enemies.

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