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Gold is the most widely used currency in Esperia. Players can use gold to level their heroes, upgrade their gear, buy items in the in-game store, level up their Resonating Crystal. While gold is quite easily earnable it's also very vital to many game activities.

Leveling Resonating Crystal


AFK Rewards Chest

AFK Timer rewards

The easiest way to attain gold is to collect AFK-Timer rewards by clicking the chest in the Campaign screen. While the method is simple and solid the gold amount is far from high numbers. The amount of gold per minute is determined by the players to progress.

Campaign Rewards

The player can acquire small amounts of gold by beating campaign missions, however, these are really low (e.g. 12 000 pieces in Chapter 20).

Quests and Scrolls

Early game Campaign quests rewards.

Gold can be also posses by completing Daily/Weekly/Campaign quests which award the player with gold per hour scrolls. While early in-game these rewards can be really helpful their significance falls off in the mid and late game.

Guild Hunts

A great and fun way to get solid amounts of gold is Guild hunting. While fighting Wrizz and Soren player can acquire significant pieces of gold. The amount of gold is determined by how much damage a player can do to guild boss. The better you do, the more gold you will get!


Good sources of gold are daily bounties. While most of the time you will want to get bounties rewarding you Hero's Essence there will be many bounties with gold as a reward. You can refresh bounties for 50 diamonds to get new ones with rewards that satisfy you.

Voyage of Wonders and Peaks of Time

Another way to earn gold in AFK Arena are missions you will get in Voyage of Wonders and Peaks of Time. While the missions will be demanding and will need some planning and improving your heroes, rewards will be really high and you will be able to get massive amounts of gold from them.

The only downside of them is the fact that you can get rewards from each Peaks of Time mission once but the Voyage mission will be changed every two weeks.

Arena of Heroes and Battle Wagers

You can earn 90 000 of gold for every won battle on Arena of Heroes.

Additionally, you can wager with your gold using Battle Wager during the Legends' Championship. The amount of the wager is 48 hours of your AFK rewards' gold. While gambling to earn decent gold amounts may be tempting, you need to consider the fact that predicting correctly may be really hard and you probably won't be winning all the time.

King's Tower and Towers of Esperia

During your climb in the Towers, you can win a substantial number of gold coins. King's Tower gold reward is scaled with the floor number, while initially low it's hundreds of thousands later on. Towers of Esperia also grant you decent amounts of gold for conquering their floors, initially 240k increasing with your progress.

Arcane Labyrinth

Arcane Labyrinth

Fighting your way every 48 hours in Arcane Labyrinth is another way to fix yourself more glistening gold. Every enemy hexagon you conquer gives you some amount of gold, apart from that you can get gold scrolls from level rewards.