Esperian Records of the Bizarre

The Megamouth Shark Troupe's Mr Wake is a famous collector in Esperia. No-one know how many priceless, bizarre and exotic knickknacks he has collected.
-Gretel Hawke


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The Megamouth Shark Troupe is Kuilin City's resident Circus Troupe. They hold big performances three times a month and every one is a sell-out show. Performances include knife juggling, fire-breathing, trapeze artists and comedic clowns.
As well as performing in Kuilin City, the Troupe also travels the world putting on shows. The Megamouth Shark Troupe has brought laughter to every corner of Esperia, and the Troupe's Mr Wake has collected innumerable goodies from all over the world.
Only the Megamouth Shark Troupe's most loyal audience members can redeem the Commemorative Medal for Mr Wake's exclusive treasure.


Circus Medal

  1. Players may exchange Circus Medals for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
  2. Players can obtain a large number of Circus Medals in the Magician's Hall.
  3. Players must possess at least (1) Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem exclusive gear.
  4. Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  5. Players can exchange PoE Coins and Autumnal Celebration Set skins once the Oak Inn is unlocked.
  6. Circus Medals will be recalled for 150k Gold coins per ticket once the event has concluded.

Gift Cart Rewards

Autumnal Celebration Set Skins

Players can exchange Circus Medals for a variety of items from Mr Wake. Players can trade exclusive items for Circus Medals such as Lailah & Elijah's Tango D'anima's skin and the Autumnal Celebration Set Skins (Autumnal Celebration Set furniture skin). Up to 4 copies of the following Ascended Tier Heroes can also be traded: Estrilda, Rowan, Tidus, Drez, Eironn, Solise, Thoran, Kelthur, Wu Kong, Elijah & Lailah and Mezoth. Other items such as Rare Hero Cards, Primordial Emblems, Amplifying Emblems, Emblem Choice Chests, PoE Coins, Reset Scrolls, Twisted Essence and Gold can also be traded.

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