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I come to share a series of tips that have served me throughout my day at AFK Arena:

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  • If you are a new player or you plan to start again in another server I recommend you to try to upgrade the champions you have in this list, the most indispensable; Saveas (1-160) Tasi, Nemora, Lucius, Athalia (Very indispensable) and the most important Shemira, if you have a Shemira in your group will make much easier the arcane labyrinth, time peaks, etc (obviously focusing the build to Shemira)

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  • Initial Positioning: A trick that has served me well to advance and not get stuck in the stages is to use Atalia to mitigate a large amount of damage against enemies like Saevas or Isabella (although it can be used against any other hero you think needs to be stopped from the beginning).

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  • Correct use of the energy of your heroes: A good strategy when fighting in the time peaks or the arcane labyrinth is not to have activated the automatic combat function, so when we are going to finish a combat and it is not necessary to use our final ability we can save it for the next combat.

  • Constantly update your friends list: A very common problem that I have noticed in several players is that they don't update their friends list, so they don't get all the companion points, as well as they are indispensable for your heroes library to be complete.

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  • Periodically check your store: It is very important to see your store at least once a day so that you do not miss the stones of hero souls and thus be able to remove our elites as quickly as possible.

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  • Saving: As the word says, it is very important to save for the most indispensable;

Labyrinth Shop: save those 45,000 labyrinth coins for our Shemira or our Nemora (Shemira is more indispensable but Nemora is also important) but if you think it's convenient you could also buy some soul stones for those 2,400 coins.

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Challenger Shop: This is mainly where your will as a saver will be tested, since saving 100,000 more challenger coins for that Atalia can be very difficult, but believe me, I'm telling you that Atalia is one of the most useful heroes in the game and is completely worth saving for.

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Guild Shop: I know it can be very tedious to have to save so many coins for that mythical equipment we are looking for but having at least one piece of mythical equipment can change things a lot and make them a little easier.

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Where not to invest; Barracks: You may wonder why not save for that elite Hero soul stone juice, the answer is simple: it is preferable to buy 7 stones of rare hero to a single stone from an elite hero.

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  • A good composition for your fight against Wrizz: Who wouldn't like to draw a lot of treasures from this little thief? a good composition I recommend is to use Shemira, Saevas, Atalia and Brutus to generate damage and Nemora to have the sustain and keep our heroes safe (Belinda can also serve for her buff of damage to allies and even Raine because throwing her definitive ability increases the damage that our heroes do to her).

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  • Betting: In the past, you could bet that playing has the best odds of winning according to the other players, now the player has to be guided only in his vision of the game to see who has the best chance of winning, with this I'm not saying that whoever complies with this is going to win 100%, but I know that you can be of help; counting the total stars of the players is simple, whoever has more stars has their heroes completely ascended, in case both have the same number of stars you can be guided by the insignia of their heroes, whoever has a better insignia means that he has prepared that hero to have a better performance.

At the moment these are the tips/recommendations I can give you and I hope they can be of help for your progress in the game.