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"The soul of an awakened weapon resonates with the bond of understanding."

Gear Resonance is a feature available at the Library. It can raise all low Combat Rating gear worn by heroes to the same tier, reducing the players need to work on levelling and finding the correct faction for each individual low-level gear they already own.


They say that on the battlefield, your closest comrades are not your brothers-in-arms, nor your horse, but something more easily overlooked and much closer to you – your armor.

It protects your body, sharing your blood-soaked fights, reveling with you in victory. Yet heed me now, even when your prayers to the gods fall on deaf ears, your armor shall still be there to protect you.

And so from plight to plight, the armor you possess grows in quantity, each piece a symbol of your glory, each crack and tear a silent scar of loyalty to you.

When this loyalty becomes strong, so strong that all battle armor resonates as one, their souls are awakened. The physical realm is transcended, making sharp weapons sharper and protective gear stronger.

This resonance will accompany you in your upcoming campaigns, derived from your existence, becoming your strength.

I’m not the first person to discover this, and I certainly won’t be the last.


  • Gear Resonance can raise all low Combat Rating gear worn by heroes of the same tier.
  • After collecting enough gear of the specified tier, players can unlock the Gear Resonance function, or upgrade its tier level.
  • When the Gear Resonance Tier is at Mythic T2 or below, low Combat Rating gear will be raised to match the Gear Resonance tier with Faction bonuses, but will not be enhanced.
  • When the Gear Resonance Tier reaches Mythic T3 or above, low Combat Rating gear will be raised to match the Gear Resonance tier, but will not gain faction bonuses, nor be enhanced. If the original gear's tier reaches Mythic T3, it will retain its hero exclusive bonus Attributes.
  • Players can enable or disable Resonating effects via hero and gear interfaces.
  • Once gear is resonating, it cannot be enhanced, upgraded, or reset.

Activation Requirements

Tier Level Requirement
Mythic TBA
Mythic Tier 1 TBA
Mythic Tier 2 TBA
Mythic Tier 3 Own 100 pieces of Mythic Tier 3 Gear




Dark Forest