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Garrisoned Mercenaries are a system that can be used to borrow dimensional heroes from your friends or Exemplar guild mates in AFK Arena for 30 days per a cost of 100 Dimensional Stones. After borrowing 6 times, you won't spend any more resources to borrow the hero.

Players receive 50 Companion Points each time they successfully loan out a hero as a Garrisoned Mercenaries. A maximum of 200 Companion Points per month can be obtained using this method.


Esperia is a land full of surprises but also crises. If you want to travel or take adventure here, there are two things necessary, courage and companionship.

Courage allows you to embark on an adventure without hesitation and support you through the most difficult times. When the courage cannot solve the problem, it is a wise choice to hire a reliable adventure partner.

Guide to Adventure in Esperia, Explorer Gretel Hawk


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  • Players can send mercenary hiring requests to their friends or their guild mates. If they approve the request, the corresponding heroes may be hired out to the requesting player.
  • Players can loan out one mercenary hero to a maximum of 5 friends, with each loan period lasting 30 days. Players can re-apply to hire a hero when there are 30 or fewer days remaining.
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  • An expense of 100 Dimensional Stones are required each time a player wants to hire a hero. After a particular hero is hired six times, they will no longer require Dimensional Stones.
  • Dimensional Stones can be exchanged at the top right of the page. A maximum of 200 Dimensional Stones can be exchanged per calendar month.
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  • Players can simultaneously send up to 5 hiring applications to their friends or guildmates per specific hero.
  • All hired heroes are level 1 and have an Ascension tier of Elite. Hired heroes will need to be leveled up or soul-fused. Hired heroes do not come with any gear, Signature Item, or Furniture. Once the loan period has ended, the degree of progression reached with the hired hero will not be affected, however, they will not be able to be used in battle until players hire them again.
  • While on loan, ‘Garrisoned Mercenaries’ are viewed as a player’s own hero and suffer no limitations when used in battles.
  • Players cannot hire heroes from friends that have not been online in the past 7 days.
  • Each time a player loans out a hero, they shall receive 40 Companion Points. A maximum of 200 Companion Points can be attained per month by loaning out heroes. The Companion Point maximum is reset with the start of each new calendar month.