Friends are a great way to help other players and receive help in return. You can have up to 30 friends on your list at once and there are many different aspects of the game in which friends are quite beneficial to have.

Companion Points
Companion point


20 Companion Points can be obtained daily and spent at the noble tavern to summon all types of heroes. This is a easy and free way of completing the daily quest "Summon a Hero at the Tavern".

10 Companion Points can be used to summon one Hero and 100 Companion Points can be used to summon 10 heroes at once



Probably the greatest benefit of having friends is the ability to utilize their mercenaries to aid you in King's Tower, Towers of Esperia and Campaign stages after clearing stage 6-40.

A mercenary rented from a friend can only be used once in each of the eligible game modes per week. After any mercenary has be used, all mercenaries will be locked out from participating in the game mode in which it was used until Sunday @0:00 UTC when it will be returned to the owner and become available for rental again.

Challenging Friends


You can have sparring matches with your friends, which is great for testing out new team compositions, learning how to deal with a specific hero or to just see who is the strongest between you and your friends. To challenge a friend click the crossed-swords symbol on their friend card.

Library and Bounty Board

You will be able to utilize the support heroes selected by your friends for unions in the Library. See Library.

Just like the Library,  the support heroes selected by your friends can also aid you in completing Team Bounties. See Bounty Board.


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