In AFK Arena, you can add up to 30 friends to your friend list. You can tap on the Challenge button to fight against your friends lineup using your own heroes. You can send up to 30 Companion Points and also collect 20 of them from your friends, which can be used at the Tavern to summon new heroes. You can use Companion Points to summon heroes at The Noble Tavern.

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Companion Points


Each day, twenty companion points can be obtained daily and can be spent at the Noble Tavern to summon all types of heroes. This is an easy and a free way of completing the daily quest "Summon a Hero at the Tavern".

10 Companion Points can be used to summon one Hero and 100 Companion Points can be used to summon 10 heroes at once



Your friends may also help you give you mercenaries up to 3 per week. The purpose of mercenaries is to pass any difficult stages you may encounter in the Campaign or in the King's Tower, however you may only use one of your mercenaries per week in order to do so. You may also use them in the Voyage of Wonders or in the Arcane Labyrinth without a limit.

  • Players can send mercenary requests to their friends or their guild's Exemplar. If they approve the request, their heroes are sent out to the requesting player.
  • Heroes of the same name can only be lent to one friend at a time. Friends can hire mercenary heroes for a maximum duration of one week. Every Sunday, all heroes will be returned automatically to the original owner.
  • Players can only hire heroes from friends which are Legendary tier or higher. Hired heroes can each respectively be used in battle once in the King's Tower, Towers of Esperia and campaign stages if they are victorious, or more than once if they are defeated.
  • The amount of times a mercenary hero can be used will only be deducted if victory is achieved.
  • Players can simultaneously have 3 mercenary heroes per week and may also send 5 hiring requests at a time.
  • The attack rating of the hero hired will be pre-determined jointly by your own and your friend's attack rating.
  • Players cannot hire heroes from friends that have been online in the past 7 days.

Challenging Friends


You can have sparring matches with your friends, which is great for testing out new team compositions, learning how to deal with a specific hero or to just see who is the strongest between you and your friends. To challenge a friend click the crossed-swords symbol on their friend card.

Library and Bounty Board

You will be able to utilize the support heroes selected by your friends for unions in the Library. See Library.

Just like the Library,  the support heroes selected by your friends can also aid you in completing Team Bounties. See Bounty Board.

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