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Graveborn heroes

AFK Arena has various different factions with a huge variety of heroes each having their own strengths and weaknesses. There is six different factions, namely : Wilders, Maulers, Lightbearers, Graveborns, Celestials and Hypogeans. Each of these faction has some benefits to using it. Today, though, we will be talking about the Graveborn heroes.

Graveborn heroes.

Graveborn heroes are my personal favorite and that's why I decided to write this article about them. There is a total of 12 heroes from this faction: Shemira, Vedan, Kelthur , Baden , Thoran , Isabella , Ferael , Nara , Niru , Silvina and Grezhul.

Shemira :

Shemira is a powerful mage capable of dealing massive AoE damage to enemies, while also leeching life from them. She can also silence one enemy mage. Although she is not classified as one Shemira can definitely be used as a tank! In my opinion, she is one of the best heroes there is in AFK Arena, this hero can hold her own against tanks and at various times during the campaigns Shemira is the one that carried the team.

​​​Vedan :

Vedan is a strong melee that can overwhelm enemies with his lifeleech and burst damage. He cannot be attacked while he's using his ultimate attack. Vedan is one of the characters that I underestimated when I first started the game simply because I thought he did nothing to help the team. I was proven the complete opposite later on in the campaign mode, my old Vedan simply needed some better equipment, and some more resources being invested in the team. Vedan can be extremely useful for the match, and he can even be used as a tank and not only as a second line hero!

Kelthur :

Kelthur is a shuriken wielding DPS hero, capable of displacing enemies and resurrecting as a ghost when he dies. The fact that Kelthur can move around during the match is very useful, as he can attack those second line enemies that just seem to be dropping your tanks. Again, this is a hero that I personally was not planning on spending much resources on, but it turned out that this hero is just too useful.

Baden : 

Baden can summon phantoms to vanquish his foes. The more phantoms on the battlefield, the higher his DPS output will be and they'll also reduce his damage taken. Baden, used with some lightbearers tank can be very powerful. This is a graveborn hero that can also act as a tank and he will hold his position pretty well! Unlike Vedan, Kelthur and Baden can go much higher than just legendary + and that combined with the fact that Baden is simply a very useful asset during campaigns, make him a hero that you do not regret having!

Thoran :

Thoran is a tank that can self-resurrect once when killed during a battle. He will do more damage to lower level enemies and can redirect damage to the weakest enemy. Thoran is a tank that I wished I had during the early games where I was desperately wishing for a tank. He is definitely not as good as Brutus or even Lucius as a tank, but I'd say that if you're going for a graveborn tank, Thoran paired with Isabella, Silvina or even Niru , they can do some crazy damage! 

Isabella :

Isabella leeches life from her own allies to increase her damage. She can help nuke down weak targets for a fast kill. Isabella, is one of the heroes that I did not have any interest in, however, paired with Silvina, I think that she can do some crazy damage! This hero is especially useful against that Brutus that has that 1% of PV but he is just completely destroying your team ! This is where i find my Isabella really has a place in my team.

Ferael : 

Ferael is all about control. He can stun enemies and decrease their energy regen. He lacks burst, but his damage can be quite high over longer battles. Many of his top tier skill unlocks are at higher levels. Ferael is one second line hero that really did help me during the early stage of the campaigns. His ultimate attack is one that brought me a win several times and there absolutely no regrets of investing in Ferael. He is a really great second line hero.

Nara :

Nara is a very disruptive hero on the battlefield, capable of using stuns, grips and can drain energy from enemies when they attack her. She can also bypass their defense and invincibility effects. Nara is a tank or even a second line hero that is a great counter against Brutus' final invincibility. She can just ignore this and deliver the final blow and this is crazy useful to prevent Brutus from completely destroying the remaining heroes of your team and destroying all your chances of winning. Nara compared to many tanks, does not deal huge amount of damage, but she does the job as a tank!

Niru : 

Niru is a mage that can tank enemies and heal allies with his lifeleech. He grows in strength when an enemy is killed. Niru is surely not one of the best heroes out there, but he is useful! He can be a tank or simply or healer, and that is useful for a graveborn team that otherwise has no healers.

Silvina : 

Silvina is an assassin style hero that can nuke down mages at the start of the game. Silvina is a hero that I was not using at all at first, however, the fact that she goes right behind an opponent as the start of a game can give you a pretty good advantage! I found her really useful against those annoying healers that are just preventing you from delivering this blow that will finally kill the opponents. She can also be a pretty good counter to Saveas.

Grezhul : 

Grezhul can summon undead minions that can distract enemies. He can also provide an anti-magic shield for his allies, this shield absorbs more damage for other graveborns. Grezhul is a pretty good tank, it is mostly his shield that is useful and his ability to send little minions paired with Baden's summons of phantoms, this can serve as a pretty good asset for your team, especially in those campaign levels that you just cannot seem to conquer.

All I can say, that just like any other factions the Graveborns have their advantages as well as their weaknesses, but I find that they are a great tank, especially when they are paired with that other hero that just gives an advantage. I find that each and every hero has its usefulness and it is just a matter of knowing when to use it! I personally am using a full Graveborn team and they are definitely doing their job.