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Faction Emblems are used to upgrade Signature Items from +20 to +30 (+40 for Celestial, Hypogean, & Dimensional heroes).


To upgrade a Signature item of a hero, only Faction Emblems from this hero faction can be used (e.g for upgrading your Shemira signature item from level 20 to 21, 10 Emblems of Death [Graveborn Emblems] are needed).

100 Emblems in total are needed to upgrade Signature Item to level 25, 300 Emblems in total to upgrade it to level 30 and 1050 Emblems to upgrade a Celestial or Hypogean signature item to level 40.


Emblem Description
Emblem of Death (Graveborn)
A deathly emblem that reeks of death and decay, used to enhance +21 ~ +30 Graveborn Signature Items. Drops after Chapter 19.
Emblem of Nature (Wilder)
A powerful emblem that embodies nature itself, used to enhance +21 ~ +30 Wilder Signature Items. Drops after Chapter 19.
Emblem of Light (Lightbearer)
A brilliant emblem that flickers with light, used to enhance +21 ~ +30 Lightbearer Signature Items. Drops after Chapter 19.
Emblem of Might (Mauler)
A powerful emblem that is brimming with might, used to enhance +21 ~ +30 Mauler Signature Items. Drops after Chapter 19.
Emblem of Divinity (Celestial)
A heavenly emblem that emanates celestial power, used to activate or enhance Celestial Signature Items. Can be acquired from AFK Rewards after Chapter 17-40 or from events.
Emblem of Destruction (Hypogean)
A destructive emblem that emanates fear and hatred, used to activate or enhance Hypogean Signature Items. Can be acquired from AFK Rewards after Chapter 17-40 or from events.
Emblem of Space (Dimensional)
A bizarre emblem that appears to be from another world, used to activate or enhance Dimensional Signature Items. Can be exchanged at the Labyrinth Store.


Emblem Choice Chest.

Faction Emblems are the rarest Emblems, and acquiring them will be harder than Primordial Emblems or Amplifying Emblems. The best source of Faction Emblems are Emblem Choice Chests, from which you can choose which emblems you want to obtain.

Emblem Choice Chests are mainly obtained from events. They can also be obtained from currently ongoing Tavern Bargains event (as an Emblem Choice Chest), Towers of Esperia quest from floors 200+, gift sets, and AFK Rewards starting from Chapter 19. They can be also bought from the Store for Diamonds (as Emblem Choice Chests or a chest with 20 random Faction Emblems for 3060 Diamonds).

Enhancement Costs

Graveborns, Maulers, Lightbearers, and Wilders

Levels 20 to 30
Level Cost
21 10 GbEmblem.jpg
22 20 GbEmblem.jpg
23 20 GbEmblem.jpg
24 20 GbEmblem.jpg
25 30 GbEmblem.jpg
26 30 GbEmblem.jpg
27 40 GbEmblem.jpg
28 40 GbEmblem.jpg
29 40 GbEmblem.jpg
30 50 GbEmblem.jpg
Total 300 GbEmblem.jpg

Celestials, Hypogeans, and Dimensionals

Levels 30 to 40 (Celestials, Hypogeans, & Dimensionals only)
Level Cost
31 50 CeleEmb.jpg
32 50 CeleEmb.jpg
33 50 CeleEmb.jpg
34 60 CeleEmb.jpg
35 70 CeleEmb.jpg
36 80 CeleEmb.jpg
37 90 CeleEmb.jpg
38 120 CeleEmb.jpg
39 180 CeleEmb.jpg
40 300 CeleEmb.jpg
Total 1050 CeleEmb.jpg