There are 6 hero factions in AFK Arena. Each hero belongs to a faction and enjoy formation buffs and factional advantages.

Factional advantage consists in a 25% damage boost to the heroes of a given faction.

List of factions

Lightbearer emblem Lightbearers

Lightbearers are heroes who serve in the name of Dura. They have mainly fight with Hypogeans, Maulers and Graveborns. Their main goal is to restore the land of Esperia from evil.

Lightbearers have a factional advantage over Maulers. There are a total 15 playable Lightbearer heroes in the game.

Mauler emblem Maulers

Maulers are heroes who believe strength is everything. Their society only believed in might and usability. It is unconfirmed if some of the Mauler heroes sided with Dura. According to some Peaks of Time stories, the Mauler military served the Hypogeans.

Maulers have a factional advantage over Wilders. There are a total of 14 playable Mauler heroes in the game.

Wilder emblem Wilders

Wilders are heroes who serve Nature, and have swore to protect it. They have no visible allegiances with Dura and the Lightbearers, but it is revealed that they are also fighting Hypogeans for the cause of driving them away from the homeland and Yggdrasil.

Wilders have a factional advantage over Graveborns. There are a total of 13 playable Wilder heroes in the game.

Graveborn emblem Graveborns

Graveborns are heroes who serve Death, are revived as the Undead and are those who seek immortality through dark arts and necromancy. It is not confirmed however if Graveborns serve Hypogeans. The heroes' lore focused on their own conflicts and problems. They are enemies even against the Hypogeans.

Graveborns have a factional advantage over Lightbearers. There are a total of 13 playable Graveborn heroes.

Celestial emblem Celestials

Celestials are heroes who directly serve under Dura. They fought against the Hypogeans with Dura. It is shown that the Celestial heroes have specific roles the same as any mythology.

Celestials heroes have a factional advantage over Hypogeans. There are a total of 2 playable Celestial heroes in the game.

Hypogean emblem Hypogeans

Hypogeans are the main villains of AFK Arena. Their main goal is to destroy any of Dura's creation by spreading evil all across Esperia.

Hypogeans have a factional advantage over Celestials. There are a total of 3 playable Hypogean heroes in the game.

Team faction bonuses

Faction bonuses
During a battle, the faction of heroes in a team is used to determine bonuses. Both the player and the enemy can benefit from their own team bonuses.

The faction bonuses can be check anytime during a battle by clicking on the top left icon (for the player) or top right icon (for the enemy) next to the attack rating. Active bonuses are displayed green.

Combining heroes of the same faction can activate the following bonuses :

Number of same faction heroes in team Faction bonus

+10% attack, +10% HP

3 of a faction + 2 of another faction +15% attack, +15% HP
4 +15% attack, +20% HP
5 +25% attack, +25% HP

Celestials and Hypogeans have different behavior than the 4 others factions for determining bonuses.


Celestials can be seen as any faction when determining faction bonus, resulting in the following behavior : 

  • 2 heroes of the same faction + a celestial will unlock the 3 bonus
  • 3 heroes of the same faction + a celestial unlocks the 4 bonus
  • 2 heroes of the same faction + 2 heroes of another faction + a celestial unlocks the 3+2 bonus
  • 4 heroes of the same faction + a celestial unlocks the 5 bonus

The same principle applies if the team has two celestials heroes.


Hypogeans have their own bonus ladder :

Number of Hypogeans in team Faction bonus
1 +30% defense
2 +25% energy recovery when injured
3 +15% critical rating
4 +30% critical damage
5 +15 haste

These bonuses stacks with other faction bonus, meaning a team composed of 4 heroes of the same faction + a hypogean will get +30% defense, +20% HP and +15% attack.

Currently 3, 4 and 5 hypogeans bonuses are not reachable as a player because there’s only two playable hypogeans heroes. These bonuses can only be unlocked by PvE enemies teams.

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