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Here are frequently asked questions (FAQ Support ) that have been answered by the AFK Arena Support Team.




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How can I increase guild experience points? Will raising the guild level unlock any new functions? All guild members gain guild activity points and receive guild experience by completing daily quests. Raising the guild level will allow the guild to increase the guild activity points limit, the maximum number of members and Deputies a guild may have, as well as unlocking more guild icons. Guild activity points can also be used to open team hunting. Soren can be opened once every 9000 points of activity.
Is there a cooldown period for joining other guilds after quitting the former one? There is a cooldown period of one hour after quitting a guild. You can apply to join other guilds after one hour has passed.
Will I lose my Guild Coins if I leave my guild? Guild coins are bound to players and will not disappear after leaving the guild.
How do I acquire guild activity points? Points received by completing daily quests are simultaneously converted into guild activity points. Players can receive a maximum of 100 guild activity points per day.
Will the position of Guild Master be automatically transferred if he has not been online for a long time? If the Guild Master is not online for 72 hours, the position shall be transferred automatically as follows:

A. Seniority is transferred to the most active Guild Deputy active within the last 7 days.

B. If there is no Deputy or the Deputy activity is 0, seniority will be transferred to the guild member with the highest activity within the last 7 days.

C. If the activity value of all members is 0, it will be transferred to the first member that joined the guild.

How many Guild Deputies can be added? At present, a guild can have a maximum of three Guild Deputies.

The Noble Tavern

Question Answer
Why am I still receiving Common and Rare Heroes when I've added 20 heroes to my wishlists? The wishlist does not increase the total probability of Elite heroes being summoned, so the probability of common heroes and rare heroes appearing remains the same.
What's the difference between adding 1 hero or 20 heroes to the wishlists? Many players subconsciously think that placing only one hero in the wishlist can increase the probability of getting the hero, which is actually a common misconception. Placing multiple heroes in the wishlist does not decrease the probability of obtaining one of them. Players are advised to put all the heroes they want on their wishlist to increase their chances of getting them.
Why do I keep receiving heroes that aren't in my wishlists? You have a higher chance of receiving a hero on your wishlist if the heroes summoned are Elite heroes, however, wishlist heroes are not 100% guaranteed.


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How often do all the stores get refreshed? The refresh for all stores is as follows:

Stores: The guild store refreshes daily at 00:00 UTC time, the Barracks at 00:00 UTC time. The Labyrinth Store is refreshed once a month a long with the Challenger Store.

Library Unions

Question Answer
How do I create unions? You can place heroes in the union heroes field as long as those heroes are owned by yourself, friends, or Guild Members.
What's the function of forming unions at the Library? When a player activates a Union, his or her hero receives union benefits for all battles. For battles within the Legends' Championship, all hero union attributes are set to the highest level by default.

Resonating Crystal

Question Answer
How do I change the 5 heroes on the Crystal Pentagram within the Resonating Crystal? The 5 highest level heroes that a player possesses are automatically selected for the pentagram. Players can increase other heroes levels to change the pentagram hero selection
Do the level caps shared in the Resonating Crystal vary according to the heroes' Ascension tier? The highest rank a hero can reach depends on their ascension quality. Among them, Common Tier Heroes can reach up to 100 levels. Legendary Tier Heroes can reach up to 160 levels. Ascended Tier Heroes can have their levels raised according to the levels of Resonating Crystal regardless of their current ascension quality.

Rickety Cart

Question Answer
How do I unlock the revert function? You need to possess two or more duplicate Ascended Tier Heroes of differing tiers which are higher than Elite+.
How do I retire heroes? Heroes can be retired via the Rickety Cart, situated within Ranhorn City. Only common (green) heroes can be retired.
How do I reset heroes? Heroes can be reset via the Rickety Cart, situated within Ranhorn City. Every type of hero can be reset here.
How many resources are returned when resetting a hero? All resources and experience spent on leveling up a hero, including the equipment they are currently wearing will be returned.

Field of Stars

Question Answer
The Big Torch in the Field of Stars requires a certain number of Ascended heroes to unlock, does that include Dimensional heroes? It does not include Dimensional heroes. Ascended Dimensional heroes will not count towards unlock progress.

The Twisted Realm

Question Answer
What are the reward rules for the Fabled Realm? Fabled Realm rewards will be determined according to the Rank 1 reward of Legend Division within the Twisted Realm's 600th floor.
Why can't certain heroes be used in the Twisted Realm? Only heroes placed in Resonating Crystal can be used to battle in the Twisted Realm.
Why do Twisted Realm battles sometimes end suddenly? This is caused by the Twisted Realm leader's special skill, we suggest you pay more attention to the effects of the leader's skills.
What are the entry conditions for the Fabled Realm? Players with a top ranking Resonating Crystal level or Resonating Crystal max level across all servers are able to enter the Fabled Realm.

Dark Forest

Abyssal Expedition

Question Answer
When does the Abyssal Expedition commence? Abyssal Expeditions are not regularly scheduled events, so please watch the announcements for event dates.

Arena of Heroes

Question Answer
How can I increase the number of free challengers per day in the Arena of Heroes? Players will receive a certain number of free challenges per day. As the player's VIP level increases, the number of free challenges will increase too.
Why hare the Arena points reset? The Arena is a ranked seasonal ladder competition, wherein each season has a duration that lasts for 2 weeks. Once the season has concluded, players' rankings will be calculated and given rewards based on their overall ranking. All players' ladder points will then be reset before the start of the next season to ensure everyone has an equal start. Players who have not logged on to the game at the start of the season will not appear in the arena ladder.
What color health bars do my heroes have displayed in the arena replay feature? A player's own heroes' health bars are displayed as green, whereas the opponent's health bars are displayed as red.
When challenging opponents within the arena, what do the points beside their names represent? Players are matched according to their ladder points. You are able to view your opponent's ladder points. Opponents may have higher, lower or equal ladder points. Players will not be matched with those that have a much greater or lower ladder rating than themselves.

Arcane Labyrinth

Question Answer
Why have my relics disappeared? Relics are a special type of item that are only available within the Arcane Labyrinth and Peaks of Time. They cannot be used in other parts of the game.
Why does the difficulty of my Labyrinth vary from other players? The difficulty of enemies within the Labyrinth is based upon the top 5 heroes' Attack Ratings. The stronger a player becomes, the stronger the enemies become. Stronger enemies also drop better rewards than weaker enemies.
How often does the Labyrinth store get refreshed? Once a month
Where can I acquire Dura's Tears? Dura's Tears can be acquired from the weekly quests chest after acquiring 20, 60, and 100 activity points.
Why did Wrizz, in the new difficulty mode on the third floor of the labyrinth, disappear after I've failed once? Because Wrizz is a very timid creature. After an attack, Wrizz will run away regardless of whether the player succeeds or fails.
What's the difference between the hard mode and normal mode on the third floor of the labyrinth? The hard mode is for brave adventurers, and the main difference between it and normal mode are as follows:

1. All monsters on the third floor's hard mode are stronger than those in normal mode, so they drop more gold coins and give more experience than normal mode.

2. Because the level of the Boss determines the level of rewards given, the Bosses in hard mode are naturally stronger than those of normal mode, so hard mode generally gives better rewards.

3. Hard mode has its own unique monsters and challenges. If you defeat them, you can attain certain rewards, for example, after defeating the powerful, corrupted heroes they will join your team to help you complete the rest of the labyrinth expedition. Defeating monsters in the cave will randomly reward players with on of several predetermined rewards.

If I have more than one of the same relic, will its attributes and bonuses be stacked? Relic's attributes can be stacked, however the way each relic's attributes are stacked varies between relics. Also, the base attributes of relics are determined by their tier quality. For example: Shadowfall (Elite): Crit Rating +15%; Shadowfall (Legendary): Crit Rating +25%. If you hold these two relics at the same time, the hero's Crit Rating in the labyrinth is +40%.
Are the rewards for completing a Labyrinth floor randomized? Yes, Labyrinth floor completion rewards are randomized.
Is there a storage limit for Labyrinth Tokens? The max storage limit of Labyrinth Tokens is 200000.

Bounty Board

Question Answer
How can I undertake more advanced bounty quests? You can improve the Bounty Board's quests by completing a specific type and amount of already existing quests. Solo bounty quests are automatically refreshed every 24 hours, players can also choose to spend 50 diamonds and manually refresh the quest board. Team bounty quests are also refreshed every 24 hours, however, they cannot be manually refreshed.
How are the "Support Heroes" decided in Team Bounty Quests? Guild members' strongest heroes will automatically be selected as "Support Heroes" that can be borrowed.

Peaks of Time

Question Answer
What are the conditions for unlocking the next adventure at the Peaks of Time? If the progress of the current adventure reach 60% and the Campaign progress also meets the adventure pre-requisites (click on the adventure to see the unlock pre-requisite), the next adventure can be opened.



Question Answer
My hero slots are full, what can I do? You can retire common heroes at the Rickety Cart to free up some space, other tiered heroes can be ascended at the Temple of Ascension. Another option is to purchase more hero slots.
How can I increase my hero slots? Different VIP levels will offer a different amount of hero slots, you can also use diamonds to increase the slot amount.
How is Hero's Essence used? Hero's Essence is used to level up heroes. Hero's Essence is needed at level 11 and 21. Aside from level 11 and 21 Hero's Essence is also required every 20 levels.
I have some equipment but certain heroes cannot equip it. Why? All heroes have a particular class. Heroes may only wear equipment that matches their own class. You can check a hero's class by viewing it at the "Heroes" tab.
What does the faction icon on some armors represent? Faction items, when worn by a hero of that faction will receive an additional attribute bonus. Equipment that possess faction icons are somewhat rarer than other types of equipment.
How do I unlock hero skills? When the hero is promoted to a certain level, the corresponding skill will be unlocked. In the hero skills interface, click on the skills to view the corresponding details.
What are hero factions and what use do they have? A hero's faction can be seen at the upper left corner of the hero's avatar. All factions have advantages and disadvantages, depending upon which faction they are fighting. If your hero has an advantage over another faction i.e Wilders > Graveborn, then they will deal extra damage to that faction. Factions can also raise your formations overall damage. If there are multiple heroes of the same faction teamed together they will gain an attribute bonus. Aside from this, certain quests and ascension requirements will specify certain faction heroes before they can be met.
How do I increase my heroes' levels? Select the "Heroes" tab and choose the hero you'd like to level up. You can tap or hold down the "Level Up" button to increase their level. Leveling up heroes expends Gold, Hero Exp, and Hero's Essence; which are mainly harvested while you are AFK.
How do I raise my heroes' ascension tiers? You can ascend your heroes at the "Temple of Ascension" by expending the resources required for ascension. Raising a hero's ascension tier raises their overall attributes and further raises the maximum level the hero can reach. Ascension generally requires the expenditure of certain heroes of the same faction or the same name and ascension tier.

Take Estrilda as an example:

Elite + Elite = Elite+ Estrilda.

Elite+ Estrilda + any two Elite+ Lightbearer heroes = Legendary Estrilda.

Legendary Estrilda + Elite+ Estrilda = Legendary+ Estrilda.

Legenadry+ Estrilda + any Legendary+ Lightbearer hero = Mythic Estrilda.

Mythic Estrilda + any Legendary+ Lightbearer hero = Mythic+ Estrilda.

Mythic+ Estrilda + two Elite+ Estrildas = Ascended Estrilda.

How do I enhance my heroes' equipment (gear)? Once a hero has equipped some gear, the gear enhancement option will appear. Only rare tier equipment and above can be enhanced.
is 240 the maximum hero level? After all five heroes in the Resonating Crystal have reached level 240, you can upgrade the heroes' levels by upgrading the Resonating Crystal.

Regal Rewards, Champions of Esperia, Twisted Bounties

Question Answer
After finishing a Champions of Esperia round, why doesn't it refresh with a new round? After a Champions of Esperia round has ended, players must enter the Arcane Labyrinth once, after which a new round of Champions of Esperia will be available.
After finishing a Twisted Bounties round, why doesn't it refresh with a new round? After a Twisted Bounties round has ended, players must enter The Twisted Realm once, after which a new round of Twisted Bounties will be available.
Why aren't there any Twisted Bounties experience "Twisted Sigils" in the Twisted Realm reward mail? There are no Twisted Sigils in the reward mail because the player hasn't initiated a new round of Twisted Bounties.


Question Answer
How do I enhance my equipment (gear)? Once a hero has equipped some gear, the gear enhancement option will appear. Only rare tier equipment and above can be enhanced.


Question Answer
Does mail get deleted automatically? What about the mails with unclaimed rewards? The expiration time of mail varies, but the average time is usually 7 days. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.


Question Answer
What if my bag is full? How can I expand its max capacity? Different VIP levels will offer a different amount of hero slots, you can also use diamonds to increase the slot amount.
If my bag is full, will the equipment I acquire disappear? After the bag is full, the items will be sent to the player's inbox, keep an eye on your inbox and make sure you collect your items in a timely manner.


Question Answer
I have completed all daily quests but I still don't have all 100 quest activity points, why? You can unlock 100 quest activity points after completing Chapter 2-12 and increase the maximum amount of points up to 140 after completing Chapter 3-12.
What is the daily limit of Companion Points? You can send up to 30 Companion Points and receive up to 20 Companion Points per day.
How do I block a player? Click on the player's avatar on the friends list page and click "block" on the "player info" page.

Purchase Issue

Question Answer
I made a purchase within the game but have not received anything, what should I do? If you encounter this situation, please provide screenshots of your player ID and the recharge bill to customer service. Customer service will help you as soon as possible. IOS users can get screenshots of the bill in two ways:

1. You can log in to your Apple account with itunes on PC, and then you can query your recharge record. Please send the screenshot of the record and the billing number to customer service.

2. You can wait for the Apple Store to send you a billing email, and then send a screenshot of the bill to customer service.

Android users can get billing information by submitting a screenshot of your bill through the in-game customer support function.

Why am I unable to make a purchase? The error message "Error code - 1" is displayed. Please enable the push notification permissions for the Google Store in your device's settings.
I want to make a purchase from a different device, what should I do? We suggest you keep playing the game on your new device for some time and then try again.
Why do in-game prices differ from the actual price that was paid? In-game store prices are fixed and do not change, however due to international exchange rates and commodity tax, the final cost of the actual price paid may be slightly higher or lower than the price displayed within the game.


Question Answer
How do I play games with different accounts on the same device? Each device may only create one account. Once your account has been created, it cannot be deleted. If you want to begin a fresh game you can change your server and begin again from scratch on that server.
Are there any differences between new and old servers? Apart from differing guilds, players and the arena ladder rankings, there are no differences.
How do I play games with the same account on different devices? Please tap on your player avatar in the top left hand corner of the game and select "Player Details", "Account - Link" and link your account to a third party service such as Facebook. If your old device and new device are using the same operating system (iOS / Android) you can tap "Player Details", "Account - Switch" and login via your third party option. If your new device's operating system differs from your old device you must first link your account with Facebook and then select "Player Details", "Account - Switch" and login via your Facebook account.
How can I un-link my account? In order to ensure the security of your account, a linked third party account cannot be replaced or unlinked.


Question Answer
Where can I see each respective VIP level's privileges? Tap on the + icon located in the top right hand corner of the "Campaign" page to open the Gift Shop and then select "Perks" located in the bottom right hand corner.
How can I see my current VIP level and its progress? Tap on the + icon located in the top right hand corner of the "Campaign" page to open the Gift Shop and your VIP level and progress can be seen at the top of the page, below the "Gift Shop" title.

Redemption Code

Question Answer
I got a Redemption Code, how do I use it? Copy this link into your browser bar and redeem the code on there:


Question Answer
A friend has returned my Mercenary early, why can't anyone else hire it? A hero can only be loaned once a week. If it is returned early, it can't be hired out again.


Question Answer
I cannot contact customer service in game, what should I do? If you cannot contact customer service in game due to connection or any other issues, you may contact us through:

Facebook: @afkarena


What time does the game reset every day? What day do weekly quests get refreshed? The game is reset at 00:00 UTC time every day, and the weekly quests are refreshed every Sunday. After clicking on the player info, the current UTC time can be viewed at the lower right corner of the page.
How are AFK Rewards calculated? The further you progress in the campaign, the better AFK rewards you will receive.
How do I disable game music? Tap your player avatar, select "Settings" and untick the music / SFX boxes.