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Exchanging Dimensionals is a recurring event that accompanies new Dimensional heroes. It provides players with a method of obtaining the new hero with in-game currency.


  • Players can use the designated currency type during the limited-time exchange event in exchange for Dimensional Hero Soulstones.
  • The limited-time exchange event will be displayed in game prior to the event's official start in order to allow players to begin storing the designated exchangeable currency in advance. Once the event officially starts, players will have 7 days to exchange Soulstones using designated exchangeable currency.
  • During the limited-time exchange event, players may only exchange 60 Dimensional Hero Soulstones one time. Players must possess at least 60 of Merlin's Soulstones, if a player possesses fewer than 60 Soulstones, the Soulstone exchange cannot be initiated. Once Soulstones have been successfully exchanged, players may then proceed to their Bag and summon the Dimensional Hero.
  • Once Merlin's limited-time exchange event has ended, players that do not possess the Merlin may proceed to the Challenger Store (Complete Stage 9-20 to unlock it) to exchange Merlin's Soulstones. 250,000 Gladiator Coins can be exchanged for 15 of Merlin's Soulstones per time. Players can continue exchanging more Gladiator Coins for Soulstones after the Challenger Store is refreshed.

Exchange Requirements

Exchange Requirements.jpg