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The Eternal Engravings is a feature available in the "Hero Details” interface in AFK Arena. It can be unlocked after completing chapter 21 in the Campaign. Players can level up the Elder Tree to increase all of their heroes' attributes and provide them with bonuses.

Only Celestial and/or Hypogean heroes who have reached Ascended 1 Star will have access to the Eternal Engravings system. Other factions will be available soon!


In Ancient times, Dura, god of life, couldn’t stand how helpless the first humans were, utterly defenseless in the face of natural disaster. She revealed to them the secrets of magic, and thus dawned an unparalleled civilization of magic.

Not content with their limited lifespan, avaricious men sought immortality through magic and alchemy. Their ingenuity astonished the gods, trying all manner of method. The closest man came to succeeding in his goal was the skill “Eternal Engravings”. Through a special alignment of the five runes, elemental energies are channeled into the body, breaking its mortal shackles and allowing heroes to transcend the limits of the self.

Soon afterwards, the Lightbearer Empire sunk into civil unrest. The glorious Kingdoms of Man were dust in the winds of history, vanished as though they’d never been. Those relics that carried the wisdom of man’s ingenuity were scattered across the continent, and the “Eternal Engravings” was lost.

As the Factions doggedly pursued the study of these ancient relics, new interpretations of totems and ancient texts were coming to light. Several stone tablets, each bearing the “Eternal Engravings”, have come to the fore.

Eager to recover this godliness, the gods themselves secretly acquired one of the tablets and had the godly craftsman himself, Ansiel, make an alteration to it. Now, the tablet would grant the gods a new power.


As of patch v1.68, only Celestial and/or Hypogean heroes which have reached Ascended 1 Star will have access to the Eternal Engravings system. Other factions will be available soon!


Players can access the Eternal Engravings system by tapping on the “Engrave” tab on the” Hero Details” interface. Players can then illuminate the Glyphs in order to raise hero attributes and strengthen hero abilities.

Where to find “Eternal Engravings” resources?

  • Campaign Rewards.
  • King’s Tower Quests
  • Stores

Each hero has their own exclusive Eternal Engravings monolith. The Eternal Engravings are based on each hero’s class and faction, and will vary between heroes.

Eternal Engraving monoliths are composed of 3 Major Glyphs and 5 Minor Glyphs. Players can consume Elemental Shards or Elemental Cores to raise the levels of Glyphs to strengthen their hero’s attributes and reveal more of the Eternal Engraving monolith.


Glyphs on the Eternal Engraving Monolith must be activated in a specific order. Enhancing Glyphs that are already active will not be affected by this order.

The Eternal Engraving level is the sum of all Glyphs combined. Raising the Eternal Engraving level allows for abilities to be unlocked and furthermore, raising a hero’s ascension tier allows for additional ability effects to be unlocked.

After reaching an Eternal Engraving level of 80, heroes shall be able to acquire the special ability in PvP modes such as Arena of Heroes, Legends’ Challenger Tournament, Legends’ Championship etc;