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Background story

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Esperian Idols, The Noble Tavern & The Lunar Cleansing
With the first flurries of Autumn, so too comes the most beloved festival of the Esperian people - the Lunar Cleansing. For the Esperians, the festival signifies a time to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of life, a day of wondrous peace and rest. Everyone puts aside whatever task they have at hand, don white clothes and bright accessories after taking a refreshing bath, and head out with friends to enjoy themselves. Tradition dictates that copious volumes of wine brewed from the rich fruits of Autumn be drunk, and the ancient Lunar gods be prayed to in the pure white moonlight. In previous years, the Noble Tavern has run many festival specific events such as wine tasting sessions and special discounts, all to draw in the tourists. However, this year is going to be different. The Noble Tavern has something entirely unprecedented planned... "Esperia's First Ever Esperian Idols Popularity Contest!" There's never been anything quite like it. With the festival approaching, however, everyone taking it easy will be heading to the Tavern. During the Lunar Cleansing festival, The tavern is full of merrymakers all night long. There is no shortage of conversation between the eating and drinking, and topics such as "who's the best swordsman?" and "whose arrows hit their marks the most?" become heated debates that can escalate quickly into bawls. With great enthusiasm and the help of a number of good folks, the Noble Tavern manageress, Dolly, was persuaded by Rowan's suggestion to establish Esperia's first ever "Esperian Idol" contest! Winner of the "Esperian Idol" title will be awarded a Noble Crown, wine brewed with Lunar Cleansing festival spring water, and the Noble Tavern's special dessert. To drum up business, the contest has all kinds of gimmicks and ploys, but neither Dolly nor Rowan anticipated the raw enthusiasm of the contestants. The number of registered contestants is rising and the auditions are already a bloodbath. The contest was a roaring success of the likes of which had never been seen. Citizens everywhere lauded it as their favorite part of the Lunar Cleansing festival, The Noble Tavern became a household name, and Dolly and Rowan made a tidy sum of gold.


  1. During the voting stage, players can chose 8 of their favorite heroes. The 8 heroes with the most votes shall be entered into the main draw.
  2. During the main draw, heroes will go head to head with one another, the hero with the most votes claiming victory.
  3. During the main draw, players can answer questions on the Daily Quiz page to acquire "Esperian Idol" Voting Tickets. Players can also acquire tickets by participating in the Legends' Prestige event.
  4. The total number of voting tickets submitted by a player directly increases the player's Voting Rewards. Each time a voting milestone is reached, players can claim more rewards.
  5. The final vote result is the total sum of all global regions' votes combined (excludes test server votes).
  6. Surplus items will be automatically refunded after the event for 10 Gold coins/item.
  7. The hero which wins the contest shall receive a tailor-made skin and exclusive avatar frame. Advance notice of this item shall be given via e-mail before it goes online.


Voting Rewards

The rewards can be claimed immediately after reaching the Total Votes required.

Level Total Votes Rewards Level Total Votes Rewards
1 75 Common Hero Scroll 2 150 2x Small Pile of Hero's Essence
3 225 Common Hero Scroll 4 300 2x Small Pile of Hero Experience
5 375 Common Hero Scroll 6 450 2x Small Pile of Hero's Essence
7 525 Common Hero Scroll 8 600 2x Small Pile of Hero Experience
9 675 Common Hero Scroll 10 750 2x Small Pile of Hero's Essence
11 825 Common Hero Scroll 12 900 2x Small Pile of Hero Experience
13 975 Common Hero Scroll 14 1050 2x Small Pile of Hero's Essence
15 11125 Common Hero Scroll 16 1200 2x Small Pile of Hero Experience
17 1275 Common Hero Scroll 18 1350 2x Small Pile of Hero's Essence
19 1425 Common Hero Scroll 20 150 10x Single Stargazing Card

Event Reward

Esperian Idols Winner's Chest.png

The first Esperian Idols contest has ended and the avatar frame for winner Talene is already being made. When the avatar frame is ready, you can claim it for free by using the Esperian Idols Winner's Chest sent in the mailbox.
You may open this chest at a mysterious moment to acquire the first Esperian Idol Winner's avatar frame.

Daily Quiz

The Daily Quiz is a multiple choice quiz with 5 questions. The player can acquire 8 tickets for every question answered correctly.

"Esperian Iodl" Voting Ticket

Esperian Idol Voting Ticket.png

A voting ticket created by the Noble Tavern Associates. This ticket can be used to vote for your favorite contestant in the Esperian Idols popularity contest. (Once the event has ended, voting tickets shall be returned for 10 Gold coins/item).

Tickets can also be obtained from the Legends' Prestige Event which grants the player with tickets based on their Legends' Challenger Tournament ranking. The players highest daily rank of the day will then be used to determine the player's daily reward, which will be sent to their mailbox.

Esperian Idol Bracket

The winner of the Esperian Idol contest is Talene, she won the contest with 2,052,099,387 votes.
In the winner's scene, we can see the crowd cheering for Talene.

  • Wow! Talene!
  • So charming!
  • You've really got what it takes!
  • How dazzling!
  • The first winner of the Esperian Idol contest is Talene!
Esperian Idol Bracket.png
Esperian Idol winner.png